Mona Deng

Mona is an international student from China. She is currently in her last year as a Biology major.  

(Photo courtesy of Prestige Portraits)
Mona is a Health Fellow at the Hartford Hospital: 
“[Trinity has] a partnership with the Hartford Hospital for premed students who do clinical research. I got research experience in clinical research, I went to see patients, C-sections, I saw babies being born. 
The program requires 20 hours of staying at the hospital every week, so you are only allowed to take one credit at Trinity.   
Premed for international students is so difficult. In all of the US there are about 150 students per year that will get into medical school. I am going to take a chance, I mean there are 150! I will try to be one of them." 
Mona about overcoming struggles as an international Student: 
"When I first got here I didn’t feel as comfortable speaking English and making friends as those students who completed high school here. I was trying to be myself, be a nerd and start from there. I started from what I was good at. As time went by I felt more comfortable speaking English and I have more and more friends from my seminar and classes. Now I can do fun things instead of just studying - I am the president of the iHouse, the vice-president of the Lions club (a community service fund raising club), I am a member of Cleo (independent literary society). I am part of Shondaa Steppers and I was part of Elemental Movement."
Mona’s advice for incoming students:  
"I read an article about how to be successful as a [Chinese studying in America]. Be American and be Chinese: Be American – you blend in and have fun and don’t limit yourself to a Chinese circle. But at the same time be Chinese: Always feel proud of where you came from, bring in your Chinese perspective, tell people how things work in China."