Juan Vargas

Juan Vargas is in his fourth year studying Anthropology and International Studies with a focus on Latin America and the Caribbean. Juan is Colombian and an athlete for Trinity’s competitive and almost undefeated Squash Team

(Photo courtesy of Milosz Kowal​)

Juan's experience as an athlete and student at Trinity:

“I’ve always been an athlete so I wanted to play squash at a good level while getting an education but unfortunately back home you can’t really do that. I loved [Trinity] when I came to visit, I spoke with the coach and got recruited. 

It’s a great balance to be part of a team because in your free time you are not only involved in the social life at Trinity you are also doing a sport and you are studying and when you have more time you get more involved in social life.

When we won nationals my freshman year we had around 12 different nationalities - no one had their families here, so we became a family. When we won it was one of the happiest moments of my life, seeing so many people from so many different places so happy.”