Amr Arqoub

 Amr is a Neuroscience and French major from Palestine. He is currently in his second year at Trinity. 

(Photo courtesy of Milosz Kowal​)​
Why Trinity? 
“I visited and liked the campus. I was looking at liberal arts colleges and I noticed that many of them don’t have a variety majors. I thought Trinity had more majors than other small liberal arts colleges. I know to us it doesn’t look like Trinity offers many majors, but compared to others they do."

Amr about his involvement in extra-curricular activities at Trinity: 

“Last year I was the First-Year Representative and then Social Chair for the House of Peace and I was also in Best Buddies. This year I am the vice-president of the French club. Last year I organized some events with Hillel, like the Peace Shabbat togethewith the House of Peace. We also brought a Palestinian speaker, Ali Abu Awwad, he is a peace activist. Many people showed up at the event."  

Studying abroad as a pre-med student and double major:

“I wanted to study abroad but I am on the pre-med track and can’t study abroad for a semester. They build up, so next year I have to take Organic Chemistry and Physics both semesters... it’s very complicated. But I was thinking of applying for a summer program. I also want to do research over the summer here."   
An exciting year for the Neuroscience department! 
“The Neuroscience department is celebrating its 25th anniversary. They are organizing so many events this year and every week there is an interesting talk. Trinity is trying to hire a new Neuroscience professor and they invite Neuroscience students to go to their talks. [The students] grill them with questions. Trinity is very selective, they get tons of applications from professors and have to reject people who are really good.”