Learning Disabilities

Students requesting accommodation on the basis of a specific learning disability must fill out the Accommodations Request Form and submit any relevant documentation  from a professional who is not related to the student.

Documentation for students requesting accommodations on the basis of a learning disability should include, but is not limited to:

  • Disability documentation must describe the nature and extent of the impairment in accordance with professional standards and it must support the need for all of the student’s specific accommodation requests
  • Information regarding the student’s current level of functioning in an educational setting
  • Pertinent background information
  • Assessment of individual with adult scaled measures is required
  • Information on any previous accommodations used by the individual
  • An integrated summary that indicates the substantial limitations to major life activities (e.g., learning, reading, thinking) posed by the specified learning disability; describes the extent to which these limitations impact the academic context for which accommodations are being requested; suggests how the specific effects of the learning disability may be accommodated specific to an adult, residential, educational setting; and states how the effects of the learning disability are mediated by the recommended accommodations

Please note that a school plan such as an IEP, SOP or a Section 504 Plan is insufficient documentation, in and of itself, but can be included as part of a more comprehensive evaluative report.