Information for Faculty

Our academic accommodation process was revised in January 2012.  The process is now primarily student driven. All responsibility for the request of accommodations and notification to faculty lies with the student. Students receive a letter outlining their approved accommodations, which they should present to faculty in a timely manner.
Procedure Highlights:
  1. New applications for accommodations are submitted to the Disability Coordinator; currently Lori Clapis, whose office is located on the first floor of Wheaton Hall . The application and supporting medical and testing documents are reviewed within 10 days by the Disability Council. (Deans, Counseling Center, Health Center, and administrative staff)
  2. The student meets with a Disability Council member to learn which accommodations were granted and obtains an embossed letter documenting their accommodations including an expiration date.  
  3. Students should present their official letter to the professors in whose classes they choose to utilize their approved accommodations,  preferably at the start of the semester, but absolutely not less than 10 days before they need their accommodations in place.
  4. It is the responsibility of the student to secure an updated letter upon expiration of the current one by meeting with the Disability Coordinator.

NO accommodations can be legally allowed outside those listed unless availed to each and every student in class.

Common Accommodations:
  • Extended time for in-class tests and exams (usually time and one half)
  • Use of a laptop for note taking in class
  • A second set of class lecture notes obtained by mutual agreement and with instructor collaboration
  • Use of a computer for in‐class exams which is provided by the Disability Coordinator to insure it is a “clean” computer, in order to assure honesty in the test‐taking situation
  •  Use of recording devices for lectures
Common scenarios and what to do:
  • We recommend that you address accommodations in your syllabus and/or at the beginning of the semester to make clear your expectations for students receiving accommodations. 
  • If a student presents documentation to the professor but not an embossed official letter, refer them to the Disability Coordinator, to submit a request and begin the process above.
  • If the student has no documentation but requests accommodation “because of …”, refer them to the Disability Coordinator to begin the process to receive accommodations.
  • Encourage students to utilize other resources on campus for academic support, including the Dean of Students Office (860-297‐2156), the Counseling Center (860-297‐2415), the Writing Center (860-297‐2468), and the Math Center (860-297‐5316).