Residential Services

First-year students are assigned to a residence hall based on the first-year seminar they are assigned to. The First-Year Program offers a list of seminars for first-year student to choose from during the summer prior to matriculation.  Most students in an individual seminar will live in the same residence hall, providing a wonderful opportunity to connect with other first-year students.

After the first year, students select their residence hall room assignment during the room selection lottery held in early spring—a student-designed system based on seniority and prior housi​ng history.  Upperclass students also have the choice to live in fraternities/sororities, special interest housing (such as Praxis and the Fred Pfeil Community Project), or rentals in the surrounding community. All halls are staffed with peer leaders (resident assistants) and, in the first-year halls, with P.R.I.D.E. leaders as well.  The residential staff plays a vital role in community development, assisting in creating links between students’ social and intellectual lives and serving as an after-hours resource for all residential students. Students are encouraged to become involved in floor or hall-wide social, cultural, and educational events, as well as events planned by the Hall Representative Boards.

No matter which environment you choose to live in, the college experience provides perhaps the greatest opportunity to live with other people who are from wide-ranging backgrounds and learn about different cultures and lifestyles.   ​​


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