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​OCL- Student Activities Staff OCL- Residential Services Staff​

Romulus Ferrer PerezRomulus Ferrer Perez

Assistant Director of Student Activities
As an Assistant Director of Student Activities, Romulus advises all class officers and assists with starting/re-activating organizations.   He also works with students to plan all events throughout the semester.  In overseeing Event Support, Romulus ascertains that technical assistance provided by student workers will be on-hand during events.  Additionally, he helps advertise and post campus happenings through the weekly Bantam Brief,  the Mather Digital Display, and other media. Romulus is a resource to any student that wants to get involved on campus.  Visit him at Mather Hall, Room 106.

Laura Rogalski

Assistant Director of Student Activities

As an Assistant Director of Student Activities, Laura's main responsibilities include overseeing the daily operations and student employees of Vernon Social, Trinity College's newly renovated event, dining, and social space on campus. Within this role, she advises the Vernon Social Programming Board who plan and organize all events occurring within Vernon Social, both their own and those hosted by student organizations or departments on campus. Laura also works with the Ivy Yearbook and manages the Underground Coffeehouse. Laura is a great resource for students, staff or faculty looking to program on campus, as well as for those students looking to get more involved on campus. Her office is located in Vernon Social, right before the "Outtakes" convenience store."


Debbie Cook
Debbie Cook
Operations Administrative Assistant / College Operator 

Mrs. Cook has the vital role of managing the College's Information desk (Mather Welcome Desk) as well as being the main College operator during the day. In addition to managing the Mather Welcome Center, Mrs. Cook supervises the student Unit Leaders, who in turn supervise each of the approximately 65 student employees that work for the Office of Campus Life. In addition, Mrs. Cook is responsible for processing the bi-weekly student payroll, selling and creating International Student Identification Cards and for the Off-Campus Vendor program. Her office is the Mather Welcome Desk and she can be found there weekdays between 7:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.



Julie Graves

Julie Graves

Administrative Assistant
Mrs. Graves works to keep the Office of Campus Life (Mather office) running smoothly on a daily basis. She is responsible for many of the administrative functions of the office such as: assisting with program development, maintaining student organization records, managing departmental accounts and serving as a liaison to other departments. Mrs. Graves oversees the Mather Office which is located in 107 Mather Hall.

Susan Salisbury

Susan Salisbury​

Director of Residential Life

Mrs. Salisbury fulfills the roles of occupancy management and access control in campus residences. She works with students and residential staff to address all housing needs.  Mrs. Salisbury's office is located on the 3rd floor of Hamlin Hall.


Pejay Lucky

Pejay Lucky

Area Coordinator for Senior Communities & Community Standards

Mr. Lucky oversees the residence halls occupied primarily by senior students (Crescent Street Townhouses, Anadama, Clemens, Stowe, Summit East/The Fred, Summit South and Summit North) and the Vernon street area (Hansen, Vernon Place and High Rise). He also directs the residential judicial processes, acts as a Hearing Officer for incidents of misconduct in the halls, and assists in coordinating Honor Council hearings.


Alicia Dixon

Area Coordinator for First-Year Communities
Miss Dixon oversees the First-Year residence halls (Smith, Jackson, Wheaton, Funston, Elton, Jones and North Campus).  She works closely with the First-Year Resident Assistants to create healthy, fun, and respectful communities in the dorms and meets regularly with students as they navigate their first year at Trinity.  Additionally, she acts as a Hearing Officer for incidents of misconduct in the First-Year halls.

Veronica Young

Area Coordinator for Development, Operations & Residential Programming
Ms. Young oversees Cook, Goodwin-Woodward, Northam Towers, Jarvis, Park Place, and Boardwalk residence halls.  She supervises the student office workers, oversees RA recruitment, training and selection and manages other day-to-day residential operations. She also directs all RA programming in the residence halls and acts as a Hearing Officer for incidents of misconduct in the halls. Veronica is located in Hamlin Hall, Room 303. 



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