How It Works

The Bantam Network merges your first-year seminar, residential life, and your engagement outside the classroom.

  • Each first-year student enrolls in one of about 40 first-year seminars, which offer an introduction to academic life at Trinity.
  • Students in a seminar all live in neighboring first-year residence halls.
  • Four to five first-year seminars, representing diverse fields of study, are grouped into a Nest.
  • Nests facilitate the formation of relationships that will last four years and beyond.

The Nests

  • The small size of the Nest (60-75 students) means you’ll interact outside of class, both with members of your seminar and a broader array of people.

  • Each Nest is named for a Trinity tradition and develops its own identity. It’s fun and fosters a sense of College pride.

  • Your Nest is supported by a team of mentors, who work together closely to create a wide range of activities– from Sunday night dinners and cultural events in Hartford to hands-on workshops and opportunities to engage with Trinity alumni.

Your Nest Mentors

You’ll have your own mentoring group, including:
  • A Student Life Dean – a dean from the Student Affairs Office, dedicated to overseeing your Nest. The Student Life Deans are:
  • A Trinsition Fe​llow – a recent graduate who will help you transition to college life
  • A Faculty Mentor – a dedicated faculty member who supports each Nest
  • Peer Mentors – Each nest has three types of peer mentors who are upper-year students:  a Resident Adviser, a PRIDE Leader, and a Seminar Mentor. Resident Advisers and PRIDE Leaders live with you in your residence hall.