Trinity College Students Participate in Rare Book Auction as Part of First-Year Seminar

Watkinson Library Curator Describes the Experience in Article for ‘Fine Books and Collections’

Hartford, Connecticut, January 25, 2017 – Richard J. Ring, head curator of the Watkinson Library at Trinity College, wrote about a unique experience enjoyed by students in his first-year seminar in an article featured in Fine Books and Collections. “To Market, to Market, to Buy a Good Book” described the trip students from his course, “The World of Rare Books,” took to a recent New England Book Auctions (NEBA) event.

Trinity College’s first-year seminars are small, discussion-rich classes in which students and their professor engage intellectually on a specific topic. Ring’s goal for his seminar is to provide an insight into the world of rare books.

The students were given a budget of $2,000 with which to acquire desirable items for the Watkinson’s collection, and they successfully bid on 61 items in 18 lots. Some of the purchases included Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood, Donovan’s The Science of Boxing (1893), and a colonialist/missionary tale of Uganda (1895). The students developed connections between “cultural and monetary values, the fickle fashions of the market, the scholarly value of single items and collections, and the spectrum of desires that drive collecting” through the auction and course, Ring said. To read the article, click here.