Trinity College Offers New Mediterranean Studies Summer Study Away Option

Application Deadline is March 15 for Program in Barcelona and Sardinia

​Hartford, Connecticut, March 6, 2018—The Office of Study Away at Trinity College is now accepting applications for a new summer program that allows students to explore and study the Mediterranean world through firsthand experiences. The one-credit course, “Pathways of Mediterranean Cultural Commerce: Barcelona and Sardinia,” will be offered from May 23 to June 15, 2018.

The Mediterranean Studies program is a multi-site experience, with time spent in Barcelona, the Italian island of Sardinia (pictured at right), and other Mediterranean sites, allowing classmates and the instructor to travel and learn together. Professor of Language and Culture Studies Thomas S. Harrington is the program’s faculty leader. “In our journey we will study and explore the long history of interactions between Spain and Italy in the modern era,” Harrington said. “We tend to think of today’s nation states as natural and permanent entities, and this tends to cloud our ability to understand how, in previous times, borders between cultures were much more porous than they are today. This is especially the case in the Mediterranean, where cultures were in constant—and often highly reciprocal—contact with one another.”

In addition to the new Mediterranean Studies option, Trinity will also offer summer study away programs in Paris, Rome, China, and Akko, Israel. “These courses provide students the chance to go abroad without the commitment to an entire semester, while still gaining credit for taking an academic course,” said Zachary Macinnes, assistant director of the Office of Study Away. These summer options may be a good fit for students who have commitments to sports or clubs on campus during the semester. “Some students are RAs or have academic constraints and can’t go. Summer is a good option for those students,” Macinnes said. “It can also be a good addition to going to a full semester abroad, if they want to travel somewhere else.”

Lucy Leavitt ’19, who participated in the summer study away program in Rome after her first year at Trinity, said. “You get an immersive experience and learn what it’s like to be in another country for an extended period of time.” Leavitt is currently studying abroad in Barcelona for the spring semester. Both study away experiences, she said, have helped her to understand the culture of European countries in a new way. “I would highly recommend both programs to anyone interested,” Leavitt said. “I became closer with people I probably wouldn’t have had I only studied at Trinity in Hartford, and it helps you get out of the habit of only doing things within your comfort zone.”

Applications for the new Mediterranean Studies program are due March 15. Students must have a minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA to apply. No previous language experience is required. For further information on this or other summer study away options, contact Zachary Macinnes at or click here.

Written by Lexie Axon ’19