‘Trinity in Rome’ Offers Students Academic Excellence and Excursions

Jack Ostrowski ’17 Says Rome Taught Him Important Life Lessons

​Hartford, Connecticut, May 26, 2016 – Jack Ostrowski ’17 was thrilled to explore his family’s Italian heritage when he spent the Fall 2015 semester studying in Rome through the Trinity in Rome program. The junior political science major from Glastonbury, Connecticut, is now Trinity College’s Global Ambassador for Rome. Here, he shares some of his favorite experiences from his time in Italy:

What classes did you take while abroad and how did they compare to courses in Hartford?

I took four classes: Italian 101 with Professor Renaldi, Drawing with Professor Clink, Mussolini’s Rome with Professor Martin, and Urban and Global Rome with Professor Piero Vereni. The classes had the same academic excellence that you would find at Trinity’s Hartford campus. The professors not only challenged us academically, but they also guided us through the city. Most of the courses take place outside rather than the traditional classroom setting. It is an immersive experience that truly exposes you to the city and allows you to be hands-on in your studies.

What were some of your favorite experiences exploring Rome and beyond?

We traveled to Capri, stopping in Pompeii and Naples on the way. The trip was spectacular and a great way to bond with fellow students that I might have not traveled with otherwise. Most of the classes include weekend trips within Italy, but away from Rome. For example, we were taken to Venice for my Urban and Global Rome course. Professor Piero Vereni, a native Venetian, took us all over the island. We did everything from travel through the canals to ride bikes around one of Venice’s periphery islands.

How did your semester in Rome change your perspective?

My experience was certainly life changing. Three things I learned in Rome are: There’s no rush, enjoy what you are doing, and learn from everything. 

What do you miss the most about Italy?

I miss the trattorias. Some of the food I ate has spoiled my taste buds for life.

Describe your study away experience in no more than five words.

More than I ever imagined.

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