Students Explore French Culture and Heritage in ‘Trinity in Paris’ Program

Studying Away Gave Elizabeth Snyder ’17 an ‘Authentic Parisian Experience’

​Hartford, Connecticut, May 6, 2016 – Elizabeth Snyder ’17, a double major in American Studies and sociology, spent the Fall 2015 semester studying in Paris through the Trinity in Paris program. The junior from Princeton, New Jersey, is the community manager and co-leader for the Trinity College chapter of Spoon University. Snyder says that she loves the authentic Parisian experience, so it is no surprise that she is Trinity’s Global Ambassador for Paris:

​Emily Bernstein ’17, Isabelle Choy ’17,
Elizabeth Snyder ’17, and Klair Siciliano ’17.
What attracted you to the Trinity in Paris program?

I visited Paris a few years ago and have always wanted to go back. Primarily, I wanted to learn a new language after studying Spanish. Trinity’s Paris program has apartment-style housing, which spreads out across the city. It truly gave me an experience of living in an international city and not just studying there. Having to figure out how to commute to class, cook meals, and communicate in French made my time abroad feel like an authentic Parisian experience.

How did the academics enhance your course of study in Hartford?

I was able to take courses in sociology and American studies at the Trinity in Paris program, which counted towards my major requirements – “Sociology of Paris” and “Visual Culture of WWI.” I also took “Exotic Fare,” which focused on the food and culture of France, photography, and a French language class.

What surprised you most about your study away experience?

I was surprised by how much French I learned in a short period of time. The European lifestyle is very different, which was a nice break from the American college experience.

What was your favorite experience exploring Paris and beyond?

The weekend we spent in the Loire Valley was incredible. The amazing and varying in style chateaux that we saw were extraordinary. The open-air market that we explored was unbelievable, and the views of the French countryside were like none other. I also enjoyed my weekend trip visiting the house of one of our professors, Susan Loomis. She was my professor for the “Exotic Fares” class and previously a New York Times writer and food critic. She lives in a beautiful old house surrounded by apple and fig trees. Just past her fence overlooks an old Gothic church. We learned how to cook delicious French dishes and relished time away from the city in the French countryside. 

​Elizabeth Snyder ’17, Catherine Cebulla ’17, Isabelle Choy ’17, and Leah McIntosh ’17.
What do you miss the most about your host country?

Pastries. The café culture of France reflects the outlook on life that Parisians have and is something that I began to miss within the first few days of returning home.

What did you miss most about Trinity in Hartford while you were away?

I missed the sense of community that is present at Trinity in Hartford. 

Where do you hope to travel next?

I would love to go to Peru and Brazil. The idea of hiking through Machu Picchu and taking in the excitement of Carnival in Rio de Janeiro would be incredible. 

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