Trinity in Barcelona Study Away Program Opens Doors to More Students

Changes to Language Requirement, Housing, and Curriculum in Effect This Semester

​Hartford, Connecticut, April 4, 2016 – The Trinity in Barcelona study away program recently implemented some changes that will allow more Trinity College students to qualify for the program. The changes that went into effect for the Spring 2016 semester include different language requirements, more housing options for the students living abroad, and a new course for economics students. 

The new language requirement allows students who have taken less than one year of Spanish courses to apply to the program. The new beginner track includes a mandatory intensive Spanish course, the Trinity core class, and two Hispanic and European Studies Program elective courses taught in English, which differs from the intermediate and advanced track. Students in the Trinity in Barcelona program take a combination of Trinity-taught classes and classes offered at partner university Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

While students on the intermediate and advanced tracks stay in homes with local families, beginner track students live in a student residence hall called the Melon District. The private student residence complex is located a few metro stops away from the Trinity in Barcelona Center, the university, and many amenities. The residence attracts many international students, providing Trinity students with the opportunity to meet new people from around the world. Professor of Language and Culture Studies Thomas Harrington, faculty director of Trinity in Barcelona program, said, “Having students living with other non-natives where the medium of communication will be more Spanish addresses the concern that the students will not be exposed to language as they would be in a homestay.”

​Trinity students take part in a cooking class in Barcelona.
 The program also developed a new 200 level economics course taught in English called “International Economics.” The course, Harrington, said, “will cater to economic students so they can keep their major requirements alive as they go abroad. It also allows other Trinity students the opportunity to study economics at one of the best universities in Spain with one of the best economic departments in country.”

Alongside Harrington, Águeda Quiroga, the on-site director of Trinity in Barcelona, has played an instrumental role in developing and implementing the changes to this program. “Águeda is always thinking in terms of continual improvement of the program. So the program is always evolving,” Harrington said. “It is a delight to work with her, and if I come with an idea she is always open to talking about it, and vice versa.”

To apply to the Trinity in Barcelona Program, students must first submit a Request to Study Away. If approved, students can complete a study away application. The application deadline for the Spring 2017 session is October 5, 2016. For more information about the program and how to apply, email

Written by Elizabeth Goetz ’16