A Classically Collegiate Campus through an Innovative Lens

Trinity in Motion Features Pioneering “Layer-Lapse” Technology and Music by 2011 Alumnus

Hartford, CT, May 11, 2015 – You’ve never seen Trinity quite like this. A new video, Trinity in Motion, captures Trinity’s classic landmarks through a cutting-edge videography technique called “layer lapse” and syncs it to music by a recent alumnus. The result is a 90-second look at campus as unique as a Trinity education.

When renowned English architect William Burges designed Trinity’s Long Walk and famed landscape architect Frederick Law Olmsted planned the College’s Main Quad, they laid the groundwork for a campus that would come to life with students, faculty, and staff. What they couldn’t have imagined was that the technology would someday exist to bring their work to life for audiences around the world.

That’s exactly what Boston photographer and cinematographer Julian Tryba has done with his “layer lapse” technique, syncing the sights of Trinity’s campus to music by Austen Afridi ’11, known by his stage name, Viceroy.

Trinity in Motion is the result of 40 hours of shooting over five days on campus. Tryba added another 100 hours of editing, producing the third ever “motion control layer-lapse” video. As a former rocket scientist for General Electric, Tryba draws on his background in system dynamics, calculus, and physics when he shoots and edits using this technique.

“The Trinity campus is gorgeous,” Tryba said. “I really like the classical style of the Long Walk, the arches, towers, and the Chapel. It’s a cool campus because the architecture is very traditional, but it seems to be a very energetic and exciting atmosphere.”

The video is one that Trinity hopes will build excitement among the College community and highlight for the world what is distinctive about Trinity.

“We’re very excited about this video and how it encapsulates what is special about Trinity,” said Jenny Holland, Director of Communications at Trinity. “We are a traditional liberal arts college with a historic campus and rich tradition, but we foster independence of thought and a bold approach. Trinity in Motion captures the spirit of Trinity.”