The Bistro at Trinity College is now a ‘2 Star Certified Green Restaurant’

Chartwells Taking Steps to Increase Sustainability, Reduce Waste on Campus

Hartford, Connecticut, December 14, 2015 – The Bistro at Trinity College recently implemented 37 steps to become a 2 Star Certified Green Restaurant. The restaurant went 35 percent above and beyond the minimum requirement necessary for the certification by the Green Restaurant Association (GRA). The Bistro sources sustainable food, minimizes chemical pollution, and reduces waste through a comprehensive recycling system that uses no Styrofoam. The new steps taken also help conserve energy and water.

The GRA is a national non-profit organization which is the only organization in the country that provides the official Certified Green Restaurant mark. The GRA has been the leading voice in encouraging restaurants to listen to consumer demands and “green” their operations using transparent and science-based certification standards. For more information, visit

Chartwells is proud to provide campus dining services that support Trinity College’s sustainability initiatives. To help achieve its “green” goals, Chartwells has also partnered with Green Campus and the Knox Parks Foundation on a campus composting program. 

“We are honored with the 2 Star Certified Green Restaurant certification we recently achieved,” said Resident District Manager Toby Chenette. “We are now moving forward on plans to seek Green Restaurant certification for all of the dining venues on campus which we manage.”

Written by Bhumika Choudhary '18