Jonathan Kalin’s “Party with Consent” Arrives on Campus this Weekend

SECS and Other Campus Organizations Host Workshop Defining Consent and Safe Sex

Hartford, Connecticut, October 15, 2015 – This weekend, Students Encouraging Consensual Sex (SECS), a student-led organization housed at the Women & Gender Resource Action Center (WGRAC), will be hosting Jonathan Kalin’s “Party with Consent” (PWC) event. Having had stellar reviews from student audiences last year, Kalin is returning to Trinity's campus to deliver an important educational piece on safe sex and consent.

The two-day event will begin on Friday with Kalin leading a workshop exclusively for Greek letter organizations, and on Saturday he will address all first-year Nests. Through a series of interactive activities, he will educate Trinity students on the definition of consent, the complications alcohol can present in a situation, and how to ensure that intimate encounters are safe, fun, and consensual.

On Saturday evening, Kalin’s message of consent will continue to spread across the campus community with a party featuring musical performances by Austen Ballard ’16 and Lolita, a student band. The social gathering will be co-hosted by the InterGreek Council, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Chi Rho, Cleo of Alpha Chi, Pi Kappa Alpha, Concussion Awareness Support Organization (CASO), Barnyard, and WGRAC.

Educational programming, hosted by SECS, bystander training events and improved awareness efforts have increased sexual assault reporting. Laura Lockwood, director of WGRAC, said, “Whereas many may perceive that an increased number of reports … points to an increase in the rate of sexual violence on campus, that is not true. What it does indicate is that students feel more comfortable disclosing a traumatic incident, feel less fear of being blamed for the event, and can readily name what occurred. The more people that come forward, the more others feel that they are not alone and tend to make that step.”

SECS members hope that events, such as PWC, may make it easier for students to start a conversation about the issue. While discussing sexual assault is important, SECS members also believe that promoting effective consent will make it easier for students to navigate intimate relationships.

SECS is also planning its annual Red Flag Campaign for the week of October 26. This event aims to inform students of signs often seen in abusive relationships. Understanding what those signs are can allow one to intervene or provide support to a friend.

SECS co-coordinator Whitney Gulden ’16 said, “We want everyone to know that sexual assault and partner violence can happen to anyone regardless of gender or race. Consent can be sexy and should be the foundation of an intimate relationship. When a person says ‘no,’ it should be taken as a final answer rather than the beginning of convincing or bargaining, as it sadly can be. More importantly, we want to equip our fellow students with the right resources in case they, or a loved one, are part of a difficult situation.”

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Written By Ana Medina ’16