Trinity Administrators and Professors Featured in National and Regional Media This Winter

President Berger-Sweeney Interviewed about Downtown Campus at Constitution Plaza

​Hartford, Connecticut, January 19, 2017 – Trinity College President Joanne Berger-Sweeney spoke recently to the Hartford Business Journal about Trinity’s plans for opening its downtown campus at Constitution Plaza later this year. The interview piece, “Trinity preps for downtown Hartford campus in fall ’17,” was included in Hartford Business Journal’s 2017 Education Outlook. “We will lease prime real estate in the heart of downtown Hartford with tremendous opportunities for engagement and collaboration,” Berger-Sweeney said. “Specific uses for the space that are being considered include new and/or expanded facilities for the liberal arts action laboratory, entrepreneurship studies, and internships, as well as extended graduate and certificate programs.” She also spoke about the fall 2016 launch of the new Center for Caribbean Studies at Trinity College.

A book co-written by Trinity College Assistant Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience Molly Helt has been named American Journal of Nursing’s 2016 Book of the Year in the category of Child Health. The Activity Kit for Babies and Toddlers at Risk: How to Use Everyday Routines to Build Social and Communication Skills (The Guilford Press, 2016) was written by Deborah Fein, Molly Helt, Lynn Brennan, and Marianne Barton. AJN’s panel of judges selected the most valuable texts of 2016. The Child Health category was selected by Carol J. Howe, PhD, RN, CDE, assistant professor at Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences, Texas Christian University, Fort Worth. To learn more about Helt’s personal connection to the book, click here.

Research by Charles A. Dana Research Associate Professor of Political Science Stefanie Chambers was discussed in a January 9 article in The Columbus Dispatch (Ohio) titled, “Columbus needs Somali cops, better integration, scholar says.” Chambers, a former Ohio State graduate student, talked to Somali leaders and residents in Columbus, Ohio, for a book she wrote “comparing life for Somalis in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, home to the largest community of Somalis in the country, to that of Columbus, with the second largest Somali population,” the article said. Chambers is quoted as saying, "If Columbus leaders want to better integrate local Somalis, one way would be to recruit more of them into law enforcement. It’s one of those missed opportunities.” Chambers’ book, Somalis in the Twin Cities and Columbus, is to be published in March.

A publication by Dean of the Faculty and Vice President for Academic Affairs Tim Cresswell was featured recently in On Art and Aesthetics. The article, “Defining Place,” focused on Cresswell’s wide-ranging study, Place: An Introduction, first published in 2004 and re-issued in 2014. The article says, in part, “How does mere space turn into ‘place’? Cresswell gives a good example: one’s moving into a room at a college accommodation. When you first step in, all you see is an area of floor and a volume of air, with some rudimentary pieces of furniture. This space has a history. A former owner has scribbled their name on the desk or spilled some coffee that is now a stain on the carpet. To this room, which is haunted by past inhabitation: ‘You add your possessions, rearrange the furniture within the limits of the space, put your own posters on the wall, arrange a few books purposefully on the desk. Thus space is turned into place. Your place.’”