Alumni Couple Endows Faculty Position in Art History Program

Kluger Visiting Professor of Fine Arts to Specialize in Asian Art History

Hartford, Connecticut, April 8, 2016 – Trinity College has received a generous gift from Michael J. Kluger ’78, P’13, a Trinity trustee, and Heidi M. Greene ’78, P’13 to enhance the art history offerings at the College. The couple’s gift has established the Kluger Visiting Professor of Fine Arts, a position that will add depth to the study of Asian art history at Trinity and build on a strong record of community engagement by art history faculty members – a tradition dating back to the Fine Arts Department’s founding in the early 20th century by Wadsworth Atheneum Director Chick Austin.

The Fine Arts Department plans to have the visiting professor in place by September 2016, said Kristin Triff, director of Trinity’s art history program and chair of the Department of Fine Arts. Specializing in East Asian art and architecture, the new faculty member will extend non-Western offerings in the curriculum and provide a range of teaching possibilities that could include, but are not limited to, the art of China, Japan, Korea, India, and Tibet.

Ellison Banks Findly, Scott M. Johnson ’97 Distinguished Professor of Religion,
conducts a class on Buddhist art. (
Photo by Defining Studios)

“We’re thinking about the bigger picture,” said Triff, who noted that this is the first full-time contract position for a visiting professor in art history in recent memory. “This position will help us prepare our students to be more visually and culturally literate global citizens when they graduate. A special aspect of this position is that the visiting professor will continue our tradition of reaching out to the community and will give a lecture annually at various arts institutions in the Hartford area.”

“We’ve had an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response from students to courses we’ve been able to offer in the past in this field,” said Triff. “Now we will be able to significantly expand our courses in Asian art, advise student theses, organize research projects, and tie into other departments on campus such as religion and Asian studies. We hope to extend our offerings to include both surveys and specialized courses on topics such as contemporary art and activism in China, Asian-Western artistic influence, and others in the visiting faculty member’s field of specialty.”

Written by Julia S. Chianelli