Trinity Names Deans’ Scholars for the Class of 2018

30 Students Honored for Highest Academic Achievement in the First Year

Hartford, Connecticut, November 16, 2015 – The Deans’ Scholars are the full-time first-year students with the 25 highest grade point averages at the end of the first year. Membership in the company of Deans’ Scholars is intended both to recognize outstanding academic achievement and to encourage continued academic excellence. Students remain Deans’ Scholars through the end of their sophomore year. Class of 2018 Deans’ Scholars listed alphabetically are:

​Mariam Avagyan Lilla E. Kis​
​Prawesh Dahal ​Samuel O. Kitterman
​Jillian K. Davey ​Kira L. Mason
​Kate L. Dietrich-Manion ​Akrit Mudvari
​Ngoc H. Do ​Thuy T. Nguyen
​Haley J. Dougherty ​My T. Phung
​Justin P. Fortier ​Julia C. Pitino
​Thomas M. Gitchell ​Pearson K. Probst
​Alisa F. Gold ​Deven J. D. Roberts
​Graham E. Goodwin ​Richard H. Samuelson
​Paul R. Handali ​Mathilde C. C. Sauquet
​Lydia G. Herndon ​Soe Han Tha
​Caroline M. Howell ​Emily S. Turner
​Ilya Ilyankou ​Shufan Wang
​Dylan C. Ingram Dana A. Wensberg