Trinity Faculty and Staff Contribute to ‘Chronicle of Higher Education’ Blogs

Writer-in-Residence and Educational Technology Director Add to Academic Discussions

​Hartford, Connecticut, July 20, 2017 – Trinity College faculty and staff members regularly share their thoughts and expertise in articles posted on the website of The Chronicle of Higher Education, a publication that is widely read by those working in the field of higher education. Lucy Ferriss, Trinity’s writer-in-residence, and Jason B. Jones, the College’s director of educational technology, frequently contribute short articles on a variety of subjects to two separate topical blogs published by The Chronicle.

Ferriss has written numerous novels in the past few decades and continues to share her words on The Chronicle’s online blog “Lingua Franca,” a revived version of a journal focusing on language and writing in academe. Ferriss became involved with The Chronicle after one of its writers reported on a “diagramming slam” event that concluded a semester-long course she taught about sentence diagramming. Heidi Landecker, the reporter sent to cover the event, later became editor of “Lingua Franca” and invited Ferriss to be one of its weekly bloggers. That was more than six years ago.

Ferriss primarily focuses her articles on language from a creative viewpoint, while also branching out into issues of politics and gender. The subjects of the articles are entirely of her choosing, and all carry the common theme of language. Ferriss jokes that, contrary to her husband’s belief, she has yet to run out of things to write about. “Once you get started with language, there’s really no end to what you might discover,” she said. “Language, after all, is our great gift as humans. And it changes all the time.”

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In his role at Trinity, Jones helps to develop engaging, sustainable, and academically meaningful uses of educational technology, and often discusses those uses in his blog posts. Jones, who previously spent a decade as an English professor at another institution, is a co-editor of and regular contributor to the teaching and technology blog “ProfHacker,” which began as an independent website co-founded by Jones and his colleague George Williams (of University of South Carolina Upstate) several years ago. The Chronicle bought the site just six months after the duo launched it, said Jones, who added that he and Williams retain “a pretty high amount of editorial autonomy” as editors.

There is typically one new post on “ProfHacker” per day from one of its contributors. Jones said that Trinity faculty and administrators often comment on something they tried after reading about it on the blog. He added that the blog also has allowed him to connect with faculty from across the world. “It helps to talk honestly with others about ways in which academic work is changing, and about the challenges of academic life,” he said.

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Written by Abby Hart ’19