Career Development Trek Connects Trinity Students with Alumni in Washington, D.C.

Women’s Leadership Council Hosts Programs about Public Policy for Students and Alumni

​Hartford, Connecticut, April 19, 2016 – While many Trinity College students left campus February 22-23 to return home for Trinity Days, 16 students traveled to Washington, D.C., to participate in the Career Exploration Trek organized by the Career Development Center (CDC) and hosted by the Trinity Women’s Leadership Council (WLC). Led by Director of Career Development J. Violet Gannon and Associate Director Jett McAlister, students got an inside look at various political fields through the eyes of Trinity alumni ranging from the Class of 1981 to the Class of 2015.

​Standing: Raekwon Wheeler ’18, Joshua Frank ’16, Haley Dougherty ’18, Caroline Feeney ’17, Noor Malik ’18, Emma Beckerman ’16, Michaella Kendrick ’19, Sabira Moradi ’18, Samuel Warren ’19, Tshion Assefa ’19, Sean O’Donoghue ’19, James Boissy ’18, Matthew Boyle ’19; Kneeling: Alexander Manwaring ’16 and Wilfried Nganyak Tentchou ’17.
Not pictured: Olivia Gibson ’17.
The trek began at Voice of America, where the students met Amy Katz 79. From there they went to the lunch at Siemens Government Relations, where Eleanor Kerr 81 serves as the director of government affairs and policy. Kerr briefed the students on the importance of the writing skills she learned in her time at Trinity. The students also met with recent graduate Youlan Xiu ’15, who told the students that Trinity alumni have played an important role in helping her land a job in Washington, D.C., after graduation.

McAlister believes that there are many valuable aspects of the trip for students. “They really enjoy meeting with alumni who have recently joined the workplace because it gives them a sense of ‘I can do this,’” he said. He also noted that visiting offices in D.C. helps students visualize their own careers in government. McAlister explained that there was a diverse range of topics covered during this trek, from lobbying to public relations and even journalism.

The students also attended a panel discussion organized by Meghan Boone ’06, a teaching fellow and staff attorney at the Institute for Public Representation at Georgetown Law School. The panel consisted of Trinity alumni working in the fields of public policy and law. Each panelist highlighted the benefits of having a liberal arts education.

Haley Dougherty ’18, a public policy and law major, noted that Kerr shared some valuable advice about the Trinity alumni network. She said, “As Ms. Kerr reflected on her career, she remarked that no matter where we go, we will always have Trinity.” Dougherty returned to campus enlightened by the idea that her cohorts on this D.C. trip may soon be working side-by-side with her after graduation.  The CDC organizes Career Exploration Treks to help students explore their chosen career paths by visiting different cities. For more information about the CDC and its upcoming programs, click here.

​Meghan Boone ’06, Caroline Nonna Holland ’00, Daisy Letendre ’13, Dorothy Sales ’88, Caroline Robinson ’12, Carolyn Stone Berndt ’99, Associate Professor of Legal and Policy Studies Adrienne Fulco, Kristin Wertman ’03, Lisa Banks ’90, Melissa Bronzino Regan ’87, Amy Katz ’79, and Youlan Xiu ’15.
In addition to sponsoring the Career Development Trek to Washington, D.C., in February, the Trinity Women’s Leadership Council in D.C. also hosted a recent visit by Adrienne Fulco, associate professor of legal and policy studies. WLC member Amy Katz ’79 hosted a lunch for group of a dozen women at her office at Voice of America. According to Fulco, the gathering included “a rip-roaring discussion of the election with an extraordinary group of women! Everybody brown-bagged it, and the camaraderie was palpable. We left the room vowing to reconvene after the election in November.”

Later that same day, Fulco gave a lecture about the upcoming election and the implications of the recent Supreme Court nomination. The lecture, sponsored in partnership between The Long Walk Societies and The Women’s Leadership Council, was hosted by Stuart Kerr ’78, P’13 at his office at Jones Day. Despite the complete shut-down of the D.C. metro system that day, Fulco spoke to a full house of her former students and other alumni from the D.C. area.  

Melissa Bronzino Regan ’87, associate director of alumni relations, oversees the Women’s Leadership Council programming across the country. “It is a testament to the women involved with the WLC that we are able to provide these high-quality experiences not only for our current students, but for our alumnae as well,” she said.

Written by Liz A. Boyhan ’18