Achieve Hartford! Recognizes Trinity with Education Champion Award

Award Recognizes Trinity’s Support for and Partnership with Organization

Hartford, CT, October 23, 2014 – Since 2008, Achieve Hartford! has worked to improve the quality of educational options for children in Connecticut’s capital city. Since almost the beginning, Trinity College has been at Achieve Hartford!’s side. At their annual meeting this year, the organization recognized Trinity for those years of partnership with their Educational Champion award.

Robert Cotto, director of urban educational initiatives (left), and Jack Dougherty, associate professor of educational studies, pictured with the 2014 Achieve Hartford! Education Champion award

Trinity has worked with Achieve Hartford! in a variety of areas, including those around Hartford’s school choice system and parent engagement. Trinity conceived and developed the SmartChoices tool to help Hartford families identify the public school options available to them. Additionally, Trinity students have researched the implications of this tool as well as the implementation of Hartford’s system of school governance councils.

Among the faculty members specifically mentioned by Achieve Hartford! were Stefanie Chambers, associate professor of political science; Jack Dougherty, associate professor of educational studies; and Diane Zannoni, G. Fox and Company Professor of Economics. They and their students have played a key role in Trinity’s support of Achieve Hartford! and research on Hartford schools.

 “At every turn, Trinity has been there for the benefit of our work, for the benefit of Hartford students and families, and for its own fantastic undergraduates,” said Achieve Hartford! Executive Director Paul Diego Holzer. “Hartford can’t ask for a better research partner when it comes to the critical issues of school choice, racial integration, and more.”

Of course, Trinity and Achieve Hartford!’s partnership continues: Trinity is supporting the group’s upcoming Annual Community Spelling Bee on November 6, 2014. Anyone interested in forming a team to compete in the bee can find more information here.