For the Campus Community

Trinity College’s media relations team, part of the College’s Office of Communications, works to highlight the activities and accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students through coverage by external media and via the Trinity websites News page. We are here to work with members of the campus community interested in inviting media coverage or who have been contacted by a media representative. We are in regular contact with event calendar listings editors and other media contacts with interest in covering Trinity stories. Please e-mail us at or call Kathy Andrews, director of media relations and community outreach, at (860) 297-4285 or Andrew Concatelli, communications associate, at (860) 297-2140.

Please see below for additional ways to seek assistance for publicizing campus events, including requesting assistance with a poster. 



Media coverage of events

Media representatives may attend and cover Trinity events that are open to the public, but we ask that you please contact our media relations team prior to inviting media representatives to campus to photograph, record, or interview faculty, staff, students, and guests. We are responsible for escorting media representatives, conveying facility-access restrictions, and alerting Campus Safety whenever a reporter, photographer, or video crew will be coming to campus. We will assist with media requests for pre- and post-event interviews in an approved location that will not impede attendees entering or exiting the event. Please note that among our goals is to ensure the rights of members of the Trinity campus community who prefer not be photographed, videotaped, or interviewed by media representatives.

For media coverage/inquiries involving Trinity athletic teams, coaches, or student-athletes

Please coordinate directly with David Kingsley or Carson Kenney in Sports Communications.

If you receive a media inquiry

Please contact our media relations team and/or refer the media representative to us so that we can assist in one or more of the following ways:

•    If you receive a media inquiry or interview request and are interested in participating, we can help coordinate arrangements, including providing a media escort, helping determine facility/space requirements or restrictions, and alerting Campus Safety about media representatives coming to campus.

•    If you are not interested or available for a media request that you have received, we may be able to identify someone else on campus who would be.

•    If you will be featured on air or in print and alert us, we may be able to publicize your appearance in advance and/or share it with Trinity audiences afterward. We conduct regular media monitoring to capture coverage, but whenever you can provide notice of anticipated coverage or a link to coverage posted online, we greatly appreciate it.

When Writing Opinion/Editorial Pieces or Being Interviewed

•    If you are interviewed by media or write an opinion piece that relates to your academic or institutional expertise, please remember to ask for your Trinity affiliation and title to be included. However, please note that when expressing personal points of view, it is best to clarify for the audience when opinions are your own and do not necessarily represent Trinity College opinion or policy.

•    If you are interested in writing and placing an op-ed piece on a topic related to your academic or institutional expertise, our media relations team can assist with review, editing, and proofreading, as well as with the submission/placement process.

Additional Ways to Seek Publicity Assistance for Your Campus Event or Programs

•    Campuswide calendar announcements and event listings: contact the Calendar and Special Events Office.

•    Request poster or other design assistance: contact Rita Law, associate director of creative services, at or (860) 297-2142.

•    Request coverage by Trinity College News website: e-mail or call Kathy Andrews, director of media relations and community outreach, at (860) 297-4285 or Andrew Concatelli, communications associate, at (860) 297-2140.

•    Request video recording of a lecture or event: contact the Media Technology Services Department at or (860) 297-2422.

•    Request assistance with a promotional video: Please read the guidelines and use the request form here.

•    Submit news or a coverage request to the Trinity Tripod, Trinity’s student newspaper: e-mail