McAfee Security for Mac

Students can get a copy of McAfee Security virus and malware protection Mac software from the circulation desk in the library.

Faculty and staff should already have McAfee security on their office computers. If you need assistance with your version on your office computer, please contact the Help Desk.

The McAfee icon displayed on the top right of your screen can provide you with a status of the software and allow you to customize its settings.

Ensure that your software is automatically updated at least once every week to protect yourself (and others you share files with) from the latest threats:

  1. Click on the McAfee icon and select McAfee Security Preferences.
  2. Click the Lock icon to unlock your computer to make changes. Enter the administrator password for your Mac computer.
  3. Click the Update icon. Click the Schedule tab and select a weekly time to check for updates. (Choose a time your computer will most likely be turned on.)
  4. Click Apply.

To run a scan, click on the McAfee icon on the top right of your screen and select McAfee Security Console. Click Scan Now.