Forefront Anti-virus for Windows

​Microsoft Forefront virus protection software is licensed for all college-owned computers. We encourage all students, faculty and staff to install Microsoft's free virus protection software, Microsoft Security Essentials, on their personally owned computers, and keep it updated.

Faculty and staff should already have Forefront installed on their office computers. If you need assistance with your version on your office computer, please contact the Help Desk.

The Forefront icon is displayed in your System Tray (lower right side of your screen) and will change in color and appearance depending upon the status of the software. Here are some examples:

  • During scans, the Forefront icon will appear grey and as a spinning circle: 


  • After scans, you should see a green Forefront checkmark: 


  • If an orange box with an exclamation point is displayed: 

    then the Forefront Agent is unable to obtain the latest updates, or your system needs to be scanned. To perform a manual (quick) scan, double click on the icon and click the Scan button.


  • If a red box with an "X" is displayed: 

    then the Forefront Agent has detected a virus or malware and you must take action to remove the threat. Double click on the icon and click on the Smart Clean button:

To manually scan your system at any time, double click on the Forefront icon, click Open and then click the Scan Now button. If you believe your computer has an issue or a threat you cannot resolve, please contact the Help Desk.