Event and Production Fees

MTS services for regularly scheduled classroom instruction are free of charge for faculty and students. Student organizations, faculty, administration and staff requiring a technician for setup or operation of audio visual equipment at all other events will be charged a fee. In addition, there is a fee for most production services, which varies according to the specifics of the job. Departmental or organizational account numbers or other payment arrangements are necessary in order to book event support or production work. Please note that there are two fee schedules, one for Trinity Community sponsored events, and one for outside organizations using Trinity College resources for campus events.

The fee list below is a general guide, subject to change based on the scale of an event, staff hours required, and the cost of production materials. Digitization, editing, and video taping projects can vary greatly with regard to labor and material costs. Such work must be scheduled well in advance and coordinated with Media Technology Services staff.  A minimum of one week is required for all production work, with actual delivery time based on the scope of the project. Contact Media Technology Services for job-specific quotes and information on services not listed.

A late fee of $25 is charged for services (excluding classroom support) requested less than 48 hours before an event. Weekend labor fees will be charged for service on Saturdays, Sundays and after 9:00 p.m. on weekdays. In some cases, scheduling may make it impossible to fulfill a late job request.

Event Services Fees 


Live Audio Taping   
Video Taping  
Overhead Transparency  
Monitor and DVD/VCR 
LCD Projector   
Laptop Computer    
P.A. System (small) 
P.A. System (large) 
Wireless Mic
 $35.00 and up
$30.00 and up
$50.00 and up
$20.00 + P.A. fee







Production Services Fees

Audio Dub   
CD Creation/Duplication*
DVD Duplication* 
VHS to DVD   
MiniDV to DVD   
MiniDV Dub   
Web Streaming   
Digitizing Class Material  
Slide Digitizing    

Weekend Labor Fee   

In addition to other fees   $30/hour  

No charge for classroom setups. 
*Bulk prices are available for multiple DVD/CD duplication.
All prices shown are for the Trinity community.  Other groups should contact Media Technology Services at 860-297-2422 or mts@trincoll.edu for pricing information.