Trinity Banter (blogs and websites)

Trinity Banter (hosted on Wordpress) is Trinity's new blog and website community!  With Banter it is easy to create stunning blogs and websites in a few simple steps.  You can then share your work with the rest of the Trinity Banter on-line community.  Trinity Banter was created to bring together all types of academic blogs and websites into one location so people can showcase what they're doing in class, see what others are doing, browse and give feedback. 
Create your site:
With Trinity Banter creating a blog or website is easy.  Follow the few simple steps below to create your site or check out the Getting Started videos already available on Commons. 
To request a site, complete the following form:
Edit & Post:
1.  Create your first post by clicking "Dashboard" in the Welcome Panel (on the right side of the page).
2.  Click Posts -> Add new on the left hand side of your site dashboard.
3.  Enter a Title & Body to your post and click "Publish" on the right hand side of the page.
Share your site!
There is one setting that must be changed before your site will be available to the community.  Follow the steps below to share your site on the Trinity Banter community.
1.  Log in to Banter, click "Dashboard" in the Welcome panel
2.  Click on Settings -> Reading - click "Allow search engines to index this site"
3.  Click "Save Changes"

Note:  sites will still be available by distributing the URL, they will only be kept from appearing on the Trinity Banter homepage.
Remember to check out all of the options for customizing your blog or website on the Trinity Banter Getting Started page!

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