Office365 Email Migration

Email mailboxes will be migrated to Office365 staring the summer of 2017 and continuing through the fall. After the migration, you will need to configure your devices with the server settings for Office365. Faculty and staff have been migrated.

Alumni will be emailed the following information prior to the email migration:

Hi All,

We will be migrating your Trinity alumni email account to Microsoft Office365 between Nov 13th and 17th. The upgrade will dramatically increase mailbox quotas and allowed attachment sizes, as well as improve integration with Microsoft Office. Hopefully the migration is mostly painless, but it might be helpful to have an idea of the steps involved and a few changes you’ll probably have to make.
  1. You will get an email with the subject “Mailbox Migration Started” from sometime between November 6th and 10th. It is worth reading that message carefully, and perhaps consider saving it to your computer or printing it out. 
  2. Once your email has finished migrating most email clients (including smartphones) will either ask to be restarted OR fail to login to the server. You will likely need to change your Username on all devices from cmpcntr\USERNAME to
  3. After the migration has completed, the best way to reach webmail will be to go to and login with might redirect you here, but we have found browser caches sometimes break this redirection. 
  4. Your password on Exchange clients (like Outlook) and webmail will continue to be the same as before the migration. 
  5. If you use an IMAP\POP email client you will need to manually change server configurations from the following website: 
  6. Unfortunately, we are unable to extend Office 365 collaboration software (Word, Excel, OneDrive, etc.) to our alumni accounts. If you still have access to files on OneDrive, you should transfer that information before the email migration begins.
  7. In some unusual circumstances, you and other Trinity users might have cached/saved email addresses which might stop working (like ones ending in @local). If you get an unexpected returned email message, or someone at Trinity gets one when emailing you, try retyping the full email address by hand. Please feel free to contact the helpdesk with any concerns including with bounced email or other problems related to the migration. 
At this point your spam filter method will not change. However, as we progress toward completing our Office365 email migration, we plan to shift to use Microsoft’s native spam filter software which should make it more seamless with email clients. We will let everyone know about this change as we get closer to that shift.

Please let the helpdesk know if you have questions or concerns. They can be reached at 860-297-2007 or or


P.S. It is worth noting that over the last few years some hackers have sent phishing emails about email migrations. This message is not a phish and can be verified by confirming the details of our migration on the Trinity College Helpdesk website. Information Services will never ask you for your password or use links to web addresses besides or sites we contract with such as

You will receive the following email immediately before your migration:
From: TC O365 Migration <>
Subject: Mailbox Migration Started

Dear [Name],
You are receiving this email because your mailbox is being moved to Office 365.
The actual switchover will take place within the next 24 hours and means the following for your email experience:

  • If you have the Outlook program running during the migration, you may receive the following error message:

    "The Microsoft Exchange administrator has made a change that requires you to quit and restart Outlook"

    Quit Outlook and restart the program and login with the following credentials:

    Username: [username]
    Password: Your Trinity password
    Check the option “Remember my credentials”
  • If you have a mobile device synchronizing email, you will need to reconfigure that device after the move. See Trinity's web site for the new settings:
    You currently have [#] device(s) synchronizing email with ActiveSync. 
  • If you access email at, after the move, you should use instead. If you are using webmail at the time the mailbox migration completes, the session will break. Login again using [username] and your password. If you continue to get a "Something went wrong" error message, clear your browsers cache and close the browser then try again or try a different browser. 
  • If you use Thunderbird, Apple Mail or any other mail client, you will need to reconfigure their settings manually. See for more information. 
If you have questions, please contact the appropriate helpdesk extension:
- Students and Alumni: (860)297-2007
- Faculty and Staff: (860)297-2100

The following  is an example email of what you will receive once the migration is complete:
Subject: Mailbox move to o365 finished

We have finished moving your mailbox to O365.
Time in queue     :    00:00:11.1041358
Time to move data :    00:48:50.8306641
Your Mailbox Size :    1.483 GB (1,592,411,731 bytes)
Total Items Moved :    35998