Entourage Email Setup

‚Äč1.) Be sure you have the most recent updates to Entourage. You will need the Entourage Web Services Edition version 13.0.6 or higher. This is a separate update to Microsoft Office 2008. You may download this update at Microsoft's website. Note: If Web Services doesn't install, it may need Microsoft Office to be updated to version 12.2.6 or higher (a link to the Office update is provided on the same page).

2.) Open the Entourage program and click on the Entourage menu. Select Account Settings.

3.) Any previously configured accounts will appear in the Accounts window. Click on New and select Exchange.

4.) Enter your Trinity address in the space provided (alumni should use the address Firstname.Lastname.Year@trincoll.edu). Check the box that reads My account is on an Exchange server and click the right arrow to continue.

5.) The Configuring Account window will be displayed as Entourage attempts to configure your account using Autodiscover. If the configuration is successful, skip to Step 8. If Entourage is unsuccessful, you should see the Account Setup Incomplete window. Click the Configure Account Manually button at the bottom of the window.

6.) Enter the following information in the Account Settings window to setup your Entourage account manually:

  • Account name: The Account name can be anything that will remind you that this is an account for your Trinity email.
  • Name: Your full name
  • E-mail address: Firstname.Lastname@trincoll.edu (alumni it's Firstname.Lastname.Year@trincoll.edu)
  • Account ID: Your Trinity username
  • Domain: CMPCNTR
  • Password: Your Trinity password
  • Exchange server: https://webmail.trincoll.edu

Click the Advanced tab at the top when complete.

7.) Enter the following information for the Advanced tab:

  • LDAP server: wldap.trincoll.edu
  • Check the box This server requires me to log on
  • Check the box Override default LDAP port and set the port number to 389
  • Search base: dc=cmpcntr, dc=tc, dc=trincoll, dc=edu  Click OK.

8.) Click OK. You should see your Trinity account in the Accounts window. Close the Accounts window. The first time Entourage connects to Exchange it will cache a local copy of your account. If there is mail already in your mailbox, this could take several minutes. If you are prompted for your password, enter the following information:

  • Domain: CMPCNTR
  • Account ID: Your Trinity username
  • Password: Your Trinity password