Mac 10.7+ VPN Setup

This version of VPN support will be discontinued.

If you would like to access library databases and online journals, please do not use VPN, but use the library EZProxy instructions instead. If you would like to access campus servers, such as tamba, please use the new version of VPN instructions.

These instructions are for Mac OS 10.7 and higher. To check what version of Mac OS you have, click on the Apple menu in the
upper left hand corner and select About This Mac.

1.) Click on the Network menu in the top right, and select Open Network Preferences...

2.) In the Network window, click on the + symbol in the left hand corner to create a new service. Enter the following information:

  • Interface: VPN
  • VPN Type: Cisco IPSec
  • Service Name: VPN (Cisco IPSec) Click Create.

3.) Enter the following information to configure VPN:

  • Server Address:
  • Account Name: cmpcntr\username (replace username with your Trinity username)
  • Password should be left blank


4.) Click on Authentication Settings... and enter the following information:

  • Shared Secret: Iga+/8TLC9 (the password begins with a capital "I")
    Note: Copying and pasting the password from this web page to your VPN window may insert extra characters that may cause
    authentication to fail. If you cannot login, please type out the above password by hand.
  • Group Name: Everyone (the "E" must be capitalized) Click OK.

5.) Click Apply in the right corner. Click the Connect button. When prompted enter your password to establish a VPN connection.
Click the Disconnect button when you are finished using VPN.