Wireless Setup for Mac

NOTE: TrinAir will be discontinued the summer of 2018. Please use eduroam instead to connect to wifi.

Register for Network Access

The registration process will automatically begin the first time you connect to Trinity's network and open a web browser.
An online registration form will display. If the form does not appear you can navigate to it at

  • When prompted, enter your username and password
  • Follow the directions to complete the registration process.
  • Wait 2 minutes and restart your computer.
  • Having problems? Wait and restart again. It may take up to 20 minutes for the registration process to complete.
  • You will not need to register again until the next academic year.

If you cannot access Trinity websites to register your computer, follow the instructions below to ensure your computer
is properly configured.

1.) Click on the Network menu  in the top right, and on the left side of the Network window, select the AirPort
service. From the Locations drop down menu, select Edit Locations...


2.) Add a new location named Trinity and click Done. Make sure the Trinity location is the default selected in the
drop down menu.

3.) If your Airport is not already on, turn it on by clicking on the Turn AirPort On button. Close the Network window.

4.) Click on the Network menu and select TrinAir.


5.) In the Verify Certificate window that opens, click Continue.

6.) When prompted, enter your credentials in the following format:

  • User Name: username@trincoll.edu
  • Password: your Trinity password

You should now be connected and can register your computer on the network.

TrinAir Troubleshooting

A.) Make sure your computer's power is plugged in (a low battery will impact your wireless connection).

B.) Signal strength is very important. Just because you can see TrinAir doesn't mean you will have a good/reliable
network connection.

C.) From the Network menu, try turning off your Airport for 2 to 3 minutes and then turning it back on and select
TrinAir to reset the connection.

D.) Click on the Network menu and select Open Network Preferences...

E.) In the Network window, click on the Advanced... button.

F.) Click on TrinAir in the list of Preferred Networks to select it. Click on the pencil icon below the list of networks
to Edit AirPort Network and confirm the network settings:

  • Network Name: TrinAir
  • Security: WPA Enterprise
  • User Name: username@trincoll.edu
  • Password: your Trinity password
  • 802.1X: Automatic

G.) Click Save, OK and Apply to save the changes and exit all windows.

H.) Try reconnecting to TrinAir. When the Verify Certificate window opens, click Show Certificate.

I.) Set the certificate to Always Trust.

J.) Try reconnecting to TrinAir.

K.) If TrinAir still doesn't connect, from the Network menu, turn off your Airport for 2 to 3 minutes and then turn it back on
and select TrinAir to reset the connection.

L.) If TrinAir still doesn't connect, remove all TrinAir settings and start over:

  • From the Network menu, select Open Network Preferences...
  • Click the Turn AirPort Off button
  • Select the AirPort service on the left and click the Advanced... button in the bottom right
  • Click on the AirPort tab and remove any instances of TrinAir by selecting them and clicking on the - button below it
  • Click on the 802.1x tab and remove any WPA connections by selecting them and clicking on the - button below it
  • Turn the AirPort on and try connecting

M.) If TrinAir still doesn't connect, remove TrinAir from your Keychain:

  • In the Spotlight search field, type Keychain and click on Keychain Access from the search results
  • Remove the passwords that have the word TrinAir in the name field
  • Turn the AirPort off and on, and try reconnecting