Watkinson Library

Cady Collection

J. Cleveland Cady (1837-1919), a prominent architect in late 19th /early 20th century America, bequeathed his library to Trinity College in 1918.  Encompassing approximately 400 volumes and 2000 photographs, the collection is significant as an intact working architectural library of the late 19th century. 

Strengths include surveys of styles and historic periods, books on building types, decoration and ornament, sketch-books and construction manuals.  Some highlights are Charles Garnier’s richly illustrated Le nouvel Opéra de Paris (1878-1881), Bertotti Scamozzi’s  Les bâtimens et les desseins de André Palladio. 2nd ed. (1786), and Viollet-le-Duc’s seminal work on history, theory and structure Dictionnaire raisonné de l'architecture française du XIe au XVIe siècle (1858-1858).



The collection contains many examples of the architectural survey including Letarouilly’s Édifices de Rome moderne (1849) described in Avery’s choice as “one of the most widely consulted plate books of the 19th century” and Revoil’s Architecture romane du Midi de la France (1873), which significantly influenced H.H. Richardson and his followers.

Late 19th century photographic surveys are represented by German imprints such as Otto Schmidt’s Intérieurs von Kirchen und Kapellen in Österreich (1895),  Max Junghändel’s Die Baukunst Spaniens (c.1880), Alexander Schütz’s Die Renaissance in Italien (1882) and photographs by Heinrich Strack of the Roman buildings surveyed by Letarouilly.

Cady's career

For most of his career Cady was in partnership with Louis de Coppet Berg, a civil engineer, and Milton See in the firm Cady, Berg & See. Their most important commissions were the original Metropolitan Opera House (1881-1883; demolished in 1966) on Broadway and 39th St., New York City, and the W. 77th St. façade of the American Museum of Natural History (1888-1899). 
Other public projects include Cady’s first big commission, the Brooklyn Art Association (1869-1872), and the original Peabody Museum of Natural History (1873-1876) in New Haven. 
The firm designed numerous academic buildings, including 15 at Yale, 3 at Wesleyan University, 2 at Williams College and a church for the Hampton Institute in Virginia. Cady also designed Trinity College’s Jarvis Hall (demolished in the 1960’s) and Saint Anthony Hall (1877) for the Delta Psi fraternity. He considered some of his finest buildings to be among the 25 Protestant churches designed by the firm. 



“Salzburg, Nonnberg” from Intérieurs von Kirchen und Kapellen in Österreich by Otto Schmidt, 1895.



"Grand escalier d’honneur” from Le nouvel Opéra de Paris by Charles Garnier, 1878-1881



“Maison de plaisance près de la ville, la Rotunda” from Les bâtimens et les desseins de André Palladio by Ottavio Bertotti Scamozzi, 1786.