Trinity College Library

Department Liaisons

The liaison program fosters dialog and collaboration between the Library and the academic departments/programs of the College.  Librarians serving as liaisons are the primary contact for their group of faculty on any questions about the Library‚Äôs programs and services.  The liaison teams work with faculty on library instruction for their courses, assist with developing content resources, and keep faculty informed about new library initiatives.  Questions about the liaison program can be addressed to its coordinator, Katie Bauer.

Liaison Teams

Sciences: Jennifer van Sickle (coordinator), Erin Valentino

Social Sciences: Rob Walsh (coordinator), Erin Valentino

Arts & Humanities: Amy Harrell, Jeff Liszka, Nancy Smith, Erin Valentino

Contacts for specific collections

Archives/Special Collections (Watkinson Library): Rick Ring

Image Collections: Nancy Smith

Media Collections: Amy Rua

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