First-Year Librarian Program

Our First-Year Librarian Program is modeled on Yale University's Personal Librarian Program. Like Yale's PL Program, our First-Year Librarian Program introduces incoming first-year students to library services and collections. Each First-Year, Cities, Guided Studies, Interdisciplinary Science, and Interarts seminar has a dedicated librarian who provides classroom workshops and individual research consultations. The First-Year Librarian works closely with faculty and First-Year mentors to develop research workshops closely tailored to specific assignments and seminar learning goals. The First-Year Librarian also serves as students point person in the library. Students can get in touch with their First-Year Librarians for just about anything library-related, and how often they do that is entirely up to them. First-Year Librarians will communicate with students via email to let them know about helpful research tools and methods. Every incoming student has a First-Year Librarian.

 See our First-Year Student guide to Library and Information Services.