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Berlin now : the city after the Wall / Peter Schneider    The bigot : why prejudice persists / Stephen Eric Bronner.    Congo : the epic history of a people / David van Reybrouck    The economic and social history of Brazil since 1889 / Francisco Vidal Luna, Herbert S. Klein    The global sixties in sound and vision : media, counterculture, revolt / edited by Timothy Scott Brown and Andrew Lison    Marriage in an age of cohabitation : how and when people tie the knot in the twenty-first century / Maureen Baker & Vivienne Elizabeth    The naked future : what happens in a world that anticipates your every move / Patrick Tucker    Our broad present : time and contemporary culture / Hans Ulrich Gumbrecht    Prosocial development : a multidimensional approach     Same-sex marriage and children : a tale of history, social science, and law / Carlos A. Ball
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