Tomas Kavanagh

Dublin, Ireland
Major: Environmental science
Highlights: President of I-House, rugby club, PRIDE leader

The thing that attracted me to Trinity was the quality of the education. After two years at an international school in New Mexico, and then a gap year working on an organic farm in Mexico and traveling through Latin and South America, I really wanted to stay in the U.S. to continue my education. Coming from an environment of so many international perspectives, I was pleased to find that the faculty at Trinity bring more international perspectives than at most colleges.

Coming to the U.S. to study for four years is a huge commitment for international students. A group of us organized the I-House (104-106 Vernon Street) where international students can meet and have events. Last year I was elected president of the house, and it’s been an incredible experience. It has helped me build real-world leadership and organizational skills that will definitely help me in my career beyond Trinity.