Reunion Committees

We are currently looking for a dynamic group of Bantams who will bring energy, enthusiasm, and a variety of ideas to Reunion 2019! Please contact or if you are interested in joining your class’ Reunion committee.

Your Reunion is great chance to renew friendships, recall memories, and become reacquainted with the college. You and your classmates have a unique set of shared experiences that defined your time at Trinity, and we hope you can tailor your Reunion experience to reflect them. 

Reunion Committees 2019

Class of 1954
Albert Smith, Jr. '54
Ronald Storms '54
Robert Wolf  '54

Class of 1959
Arthur Judge '59, P'87
Charles Nichols '59
Jon Reynolds '59, H'15

Class of 1964

Class of 1969
Edward A. K. Adler, Esq. '69
David L. Beatty '69  
Michael J. Beautyman, Esq. '69  
Michael J. Cancelliere '69
Michael L. Carius, M.D. '69
John R. Cooper '69
William F. Cordner, Jr. '69
W. Thomas Duncan '69, P'94
Wilbur A. Glahn III '69
R. Anderson Haynes, Esq. '69
Edward S. Hill, Esq. '69  
James T. Jones '69
The Rev. Dr. Lloyd Alexander Lewis, Jr. '69
Michael D. Loberg, Ph.D. '69, P'00  
William L. MacLachlan '69
Haig G. Mardikian '69, P'99
William K. Marimow '69, H'16
Peter Flagg Maxson '69
H. Graham McDonald, Esq. '69
Alan M. Mendelson '69, P'02
Michael M. Michigami '69, P'95
Marvin E. Miller, M.D. '69
Keith M. Pinter '69
Nathaniel S. Prentice '69, P'10
Barry G. Sheckley, Ph.D. '69
John H. Stevens '69
Brian K. Titus, Esq. '69, P'99
W. Frederick Uehlein, Esq. '69, P'99 

Class of 1974
Stacie Bonfils Benes '74
Barry O’Brien '74, P'05

Class of 1979
Barlow L. Peelle '79 

Class of 1984

Class of 1989
Robert Cummings '89
Hillary Davidson '89
Donna Haghighat '89
Juliana Lowry '89
Douglas Macdonald '89

Class of 1994
Anne Dillon Fisher '94
Jacob Fisher '94
Cliff Fuller '94

Class of 1999
Allison Lanzetta Martaniuk '99
Alyssa Dailey Schoenfeld '99

Class of 2004
James Creed '04

Class of 2009
Will Cyphers '09

Class of 2014
Carlos Velazquez '14

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