Reunion Committees

We are currently looking for a dynamic group of Bantams who will bring energy, enthusiasm, and a variety of ideas to Reunion 2018! Please contact or if you are interested in joining your class’ reunion committee.

Your Reunion is great chance to renew friendships, recall memories, and become reacquainted with the College. You and your classmates have a unique set of shared experiences that defined your time at Trinity, and we hope you can tailor your Reunion experience to reflect them.  We would like to extend a special thank you to our 2017 Reunion committees, noted below, who worked so diligently to make their milestone reunion a fun and memorable experience.

Reunion Committees 2017

Class of 1952 
Mr. James R. Foster ´52
Mr. Edward B. Thomas ´52
Phillip E. Trowbridge, M.D. ´52

Class of 1957
Mr. Richard L. Behr ´57
Prof. Ward S. Curran ´57
Neil M. Day, Esq. ´57
Mr. David J. Elliott ´57
The Hon. James G. Kenefick, Jr. ´57
H. Dyke N. Spear, Jr., Esq. ´57
Mr. Donald B. Stokes ´57
Frederick M. Tobin, Esq. ´57

Class of 1962
Mr. Douglas K. Anderson ´62
Samuel Bailey, Jr., Esq. ´62
The Rev. Charles L. Hoffman ´62
Mr. Paul J. La Rocca ´62
Mr. William Leahy '62
Mr. Peter J. Meehan ´62
Mr. John C. Norman '62
Mr. William M. Polk ´62
Mr. Frederick M. Pryor ´62
James P. Whitters III, Esq. ´62

Class of 1967
Robert A. Boas, Esq. ´67
Mr. Robert E. Brickley ´67
Mr. Gilbert G. Campbell ´67
Dr. Culley C. Carson III ´67
Mr. C. Nicholas Edwards III ´67
Mr. Jeffrey J. Fox ´67
Dr. Leonard I. Goldstein ´67
David H. Gordon, M.D. ´67
Mr. Edward B. Hutton, Jr. ´67
Mr. Charles Kurz II ´67
Dr. Alexander H. Levi ´67
Mr. Donald L. Livingston ´67
Mr. Frederic G. Ludwig, Jr. ´67
The Rev. Bernard L. Maguire III ´67
Mr. James L. O'Connor ´67
Mr. James H. Oliver ´67
The Rev. Edward S. Prevost ´67
The Rev. James H. Purdy ´67
Dr. G. Theodore Ruckert ´67
Mr. Thomas L. Safran ´67
Mr. R. Strother Scott ´67
Grant W. Simpson, Jr., Ph.D. ´67
Alan S. Weinstein, M.D. ´67

Class of 1972
Burt Adelman, M.D. ´72
Mr. Peter R. Blum ´72
Ms. Kristin A. Emerson ´72
Mr. Bayard R. Fiechter ´72
Mr. James P. Gamerman ´72
Mr. James M. Hall, Jr. ´72
Mr. John M. MacCallum ´72
George L. Marks, Jr., M.D. ´72
Mr. William J. Miller, Jr. ´72
Mr. Archibald A. Smith III ´72
Mr. William M. Whetzel ´72

Class of 1977
Mrs. Sophie B. Ayres ´77
Ms. Marian Kuhn Browning ´77
J. Gilmore Childers, Esq. ´77
John C. Gillespie, Esq. ´77
Mr. Larry Golden '77
Mrs. Mary Desmond Pinkowish ´77
Ms. Cynthia Mohr Wolcott ´77

Class of 1982
Ms. Lisa D'Addeo Bohman ´82
Karen Miller Boudreau, M.D., FAAFP ´82
Mr. Scott Cassie ´82
Peter D. DeRose, D.D.S. ´82
Bailey Johnston Farrin, Esq. ´82
Ms. Francesca Borges Gordon ´82
Mr. Tomas G. Mathews ´82
Ms. Elizabeth M. Shipley ´82
Mrs. Ellin C. Smith ´82

Class of 1987
Ms. Lisa Cadette Detwiler ´87
Michael G. Donovan, Esq. ´87
Mr. Robert M. Edmunds ´87
Ms. Ellen Garrity ´87
James G. Harper ´87
Mr. William M. Manger, Jr. ´87
Mr. Gregory G. Mario ´87
Paul R. Morico, Esq. ´87
Thomas J. Regan, Esq. ´87
Ms. Melissa Bronzino Regan ´87
Mr. John H. Self ´87
Mr. Brian J. Shea ´87
Mr. Bryant S. Zanko ´87

Class of 1992
Ms. Christina Bennett ´92
Mrs. Jennifer M. Cattier ´92
Mr. Louis D. Duff III ´92
Mr. Matthew R. Duffy ´92
Mr. Ian Anderson Findlay ´92
Mr. Jeffrey Brooks Hawkins ´92
Mr. Christian Robert Johnson ´92
Mrs. Kathleen A. Kadziolka ´92
Mr. Matthew J. McGowan ´92
Mr. John Stone ´92

Class of 1997
Mr. Andrew C. Arsenian ´97
Mr. William J. Bannon III ´97
Mr. Robert W. Cibotti III ´97
Shaakirrah R. Sanders, Esq. ´97
Mr. Christopher J. Slawsky ´97
Mrs. Susan Church Zibell ´97
Mrs. Courtney H. Zwirn ´97

Class of 2002
Mr. Christopher C. Andreae ´02
Mr. Nicolas P. Barquin ´02
Ms. Samantha Staffier Burman ´02
Mr. Jason M. Burns ´02
Mr. James E. Cabot ´02
Mrs. Shakira Ramos Crespo ´02
Ms. Kristin A. Hagan ´02
Mrs. Jennifer Tuttle Rollyson ´02
Mr. John F. Rossi III ´02
Mr. Jed M. Schwartz ´02
Mrs. Ellen M. Zarchin ´02

Class of 2007
Ms. Jaclyn A. Caporale ´07
Mr. Peter J. Clark, Jr. MPA ´07
Mrs. Laura Steiger Doyle ´07
Ms. Devon C. Lawrence ´07
Ms. Ashley D. McNamara ´07
Mr. Paul H. Mounds, Jr. ´07
Ms. Alison L. Powers ´07
Mr. Samuel J. Rednor ´07
Mrs. Molly Carty Sparrow ´07

Class of 2012
James J. Armillay, Esq. ´12
Ms. Shayla B. Campbell ´12
Mr. Timothy J. Carson Jr. ´12
Ms. Kyle R. Friedman ´12
Mr. Andrew J. Koris ´12
Mr. Michael P. Levy ´12
Mr. Charles E. N. McConnell ´12
Ms. Mary K. Morr ´12
Mrs. Nicole Lustig Pasternak ´12
Mr. Michael S. Schlesinger ´12
Ms. Naomi C. Sobelson ´12
Mrs. Lily P. Sommer ´12
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