Class of 1965

50th Reunion- June 5-7, 2015

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5 Reasons to attend the 50th Reunion
* Reconnect with friends
* Stay in your old dorm (Jarvis has been renovated!)
*Pretend you're still in college and dance the night away
*Hear from classmates and professors on interesting topics
*Enjoy a lobster on the Quad!

Let us know your Reunion plans! 

E mail the alumni office at​ and tell us your Reunion attendance plans. 

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Class Officers:
Co-Presidents: John Ellwood, Merrill Yavinsky, Peter Sturrock
Secretary:  Peter Knapp   ​

If you are interested in volunteering to be on your 50th Reunion planning committee, please contact, Kristen Gordon, Associate Director of Alumni Relations at or at 860-297-2406.

Reunion Committee Job Descriptions

50th Reunion Chair or Co-Chairs 
John Ellwood, Peter Sturrock and Merrill Yavinsky
[8 hours a month]
Identified at the 45th Reunion, the person(s) should be well organized and an experienced class leader, who can help bolster class spirit and delegate effectively.  He will help identify and appoint chairs and committee members, outline their duties, set clear deadlines, and follow up on plans. The Reunion Chairs are encouraged to observe the 50th reunion celebration of the preceding class.


50th Reunion Class Gift Chair(s)        
Ted Rorer and Merrill Yavinsky
[10-20 hours a month]
Appointed by the Class President, in close consultation with the development staff, these person(s) should be organized, motivating, feel comfortable with soliciting classmates and generous with time and resources.  This key position is responsible for leading the fundraising effort for the 50th Reunion Gift, which is presented to the College during reunion weekend. Working closely with the class president and committee leaders, these person(s) must show an ability to make, solicit and secure leadership gifts.  An intense commitment of time is required, beginning soon after the 45th Reunion, and lasting through the reunion, including attendance at committee meetings.  A fund committee is established in order to implement a comprehensive fundraising drive, reaching all classmates by either letter or phone, and all leadership givers on a personal basis.


50th Reunion Attendance Chair   
John Ellwood
[4 hours a month]
The Attendance Chair is responsible for maximum 50th Reunion class attendance at Reunion weekend.  This person will work through a network of athletic and student activity affiliations, fraternity liaisons, regional connections, and industry concentrations to encourage attendance.  This person will also be responsible for helping the alumni office obtain updated contact information for classmates.

50th Reunion Program Chair   
John Ellwood and Peter Sturrock
[4 hour a month]
In cooperation with the Reunion Chair, the Program Chair oversees and coordinates class program planning for Reunion weekend.  He polls classmates and planning committee members for ideas, arranges informal programming for pre-Reunion activities, helps arrange program and entertainment for the 50th Reunion class dinner, and organizes special events such as a class exhibit, lectures, tours, or discussion groups.  This position also oversees the Widows/Memorial chair and Class Exhibit Chair. 

50th Reunion Widows/Memorial Chair         
Riess Potterveld
[8 hours a month]

This chair encourages classmates’ widows to attend the 50th Reunion, specifically the memorial service where their husbands will be remembered and the Half-Century luncheon.  The memorial service responsibilities include compiling a memorial booklet of deceased classmates and working with the college chaplain to arrange the memorial service.

50th Reunion Exhibit Chair  
Eric Lodge
[4 hours a month]
In cooperation with the Program Chair, this is an optional opportunity for classmates to showcase talents and life’s passions in an exhibit.  If the committee does decide to host the exhibit, the chair would contact classmates to gauge interest in participating, be responsible for the organization and execution of the program.   

50th Reunion Communications Chair    
Peter Sturrock
[1 hour a month]
This person will help the alumni and development offices to coordinate a communications schedule for class mailings, emails, and solicitations as well as oversee the Class Web Master and Profile Book Chairs.

50th Reunion Web Master
[8 hours a month]
The 50th Reunion Web Master should have a working knowledge of internet technology and can help build a class web page with the help of the alumni office.  The person will be responsible for creating, maintaining and updating the site and thus must make a commitment of time and expertise, assuring an attractive and up-to-date web site.  The position can begin anytime after the 45th Reunion.

50th Reunion Profile Book Chair
Peter Knapp
[8 hours a month]
The Profile Book Chair is responsible for the creation of a 50th Reunion Yearbook for the class. The ideal candidate is one who has some editing experience, who can both seek and edit free-flowing copy from classmates.  He will work closely with the alumni office on the execution of the book prior to Reunion weekend.  

50th Reunion Elms Society Ambassador   
Thayer Bigelow
[5 hours maximum]
Working closely with the office of gift planning, signs letters to classmates, encouraging them to join The Elms Society through life income gifts and bequest intentions.  Also thanks classmates who join The Elms Society. Should be familiar with the general features and benefits of life income gifts and bequests (will  train).


50th Reunion Spouses/Partner Program Chair(s)
[1 hour a month]
This position is specifically designed for a spouse or partner of a 50th Reunion committee member to encourage spouse/guest attendance at Reunion, and to help create special programs and events for this constituency.  The chair(s) would reach out to the spouses and partners of the 50th Reunion class via letters and e-mail messages, and work closely with the alumni office on special programming for Reunion weekend.   

50th Reunion Committee Member
[2 hours a month]
All committee members will encourage classmates to attend Reunion, participate in planning meetings and conference calls, help choose regalia, faculty speakers and suggest class specific events.  Each member should be able to ask a small group of classmates for a 50th Reunion gift (optional)



Do you know where these people are?  

Edward Baker, James Bard, Timothy Bushnell, Nicholas Cantor, Lucien DiFazio, Sam Earnshaw, Jon Gabriel, George Hemmerle, Don Hoffman,Thomas Jansen, Samuel L. Jenkins, Fred Knier, Theodore Langlois, Chikungwa Mseka, Joseph Noyes,  John Richardson, Ron Steele, Bruce White

Please contact Peter Knapp at with any contact information you have.