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Passionate Pursuits Exhibition

My Fellow Classmates,   
It hardly seems possible that next June is our 50th Reunion. Put in another way, half a century-that is a long time.  Time really flies, all the more swiftly when you really enjoy yourself.  The Reunion Committee has been working for well over 3 1/2 years now and has worked out an interesting program incorporating suggestions successfully used by past reunion classes. You can be sure that this will be a celebration worthy of our golden jubilee.

As an important part of our celebration, we will include a Project/Passionate Pursuits section for which Bruce Bridegroom and yours truly are responsible. We are a talented and intellectually diverse class with members represented in practically every walk of life. The purpose of this exhibition is to provide a forum for classmates to showcase their works and to inform the campus at large of some of our accomplishments in the past 50 years. The works don't have to be career-related, they could be Rube Goldberg’s still sitting in the basement waiting to see the light of day. For starters, several on the committee are leading the way and have committed to exhibit their works: Frank Kirkpatrick (books); Don McLagan (poems); Bruce Bridegroom (films); Arnie Wood (books); as well as Phineas (aka Mike) Anderson, Ron Yates, Jeff Thomases, Bill Burnham, Chuck Klotz and "Spoon" Witherington. Three non-committee members so far Dave Ahlgren (robotics), Jack Chatfield (books), and Bob Stuart have also promised to participate.

The projects don't have to be grand. What we are aiming for is broad participation. It could be as simple as my submission: some tennis props I designed and made to help me in teaching tennis for close to 40 years. I would not think of submitting them if not for their narrative value and talking points. The props help my students develop good basic habits, and I used them on three students well known, more or less, to many: Meryl Streep; the late Jill Clayburgh (lead in "An Unmarried Woman" '78); and the late Joel Siegel (movie critic). I also plan to submit some simple toys I made from recycled materials to entertain myself in the '40s and '50s (times of Japanese Occupation followed by British colonial rule) in Singapore. We will plan to set up the exhibits on the Thursday of Reunion weekend.

Please join in on this class endeavor and participate if you can, so we can all be together to have fun and bring out the sun at least one more time. If you would like to participate, please contact me at or 860-435-2319, or Kristen Gordon, in the development office at Trinity at or 860-297-2406.  

Keep our rendezvous next June 13-15.

Best wishes to you and your loved ones,

Kiau Loi