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Reunion Chairperson Communications

March 2014
Dear Classmates,
THE TIME HAS COME! Since first writing you in January 2011, it is hard to believe that our 50th Reunion gathering is only three months away!
In this, my fifth and last epistle to you, my message is simple: DO ATTEND!  Your Reunion Committee of 25 classmates and I really want you TO ATTEND! We want to see you, recall our college years together, find out what you have been doing, meet your significant others, and have a good time. A Fiftieth anniversary event such as our college Reunion only comes around once, needless to say. You will not be solicited for funds during June 12-15 weekend, and please note, if you have never given to Trinity and do not plan to give to Trinity in the future, this has no bearing on our desire to see you! We want you TO COME! The list of our classmates who intend to partake in the festivities is listed on the back of this letter and that number is rising. We should break 100 for sure and that would be a record.
You will receive full program details of the weekend this month, including how to register and where to stay (renovated Jarvis is an option, which my wife and I are doing), from the College. Do note, the committee has added an event the evening of Thursday, June 12 at the squash courts (an email describing this fun dinner with Coach Assaiante was sent to you) plus an off-campus tour for significant others.
I am keeping this letter short and sweet. You have recently received notices from Tim Crawford about The Elms Society, from Kiau Moi Loi about the Passionate Pursuits Exhibit, and soon a letter from Dan Saklad and George Kellner about ways our class can support Trinity. If these letters do not all come to mind, do not worry. Only worry if you do not plan to attend the Reunion. The committee (aka The Organization, The Underground, The Trinity Mafia) has it ways of seeking you out......
To conclude, DO COME! It will be a GREAT time!
 All the best,
 Michael Phineas Anderson, 50th Reunion Chair
P.S. - I want to put in one last plug for our 50th Reunion yearbook.  I filled out the form online by visiting  (registration code is 1964) and clicking on the link in the left hand column. It was pretty easy.  I believe this free yearbook will be something special and I hope more than 100 of you will submit a profile and photo for it.  The deadline for the profiles has been extended to March 31.   If you would rather write your info down on paper and submit a physical photo, please find a profile form enclosed and send it back to Bespoke Reunion Publishing in the envelope provided.  Your participation would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks so much!  
August 2013

Dear Classmates,
The summer is upon us. I hope you are finding time to relax, to adventure, to be with family, and to have fun. Can you believe that I wrote my first letter to you in February 2011? This is my fourth letter to you (find copies on our Reunion Web site at Hard to believe, but our 50th college Reunion to be held June 13-15, 2014 is less than a year away! Get pumped!
Your 50th Reunion planning committee held its third meeting in New York City this past April, with many phone calls and sub-committee meetings in-between. The committee, comprised of 26 members is a devoted group of classmates volunteering their time and energy to make our 50th gathering a very memorable experience, a time to remember our days at Trinity, to renew friendships, to tour Trinity's vibrant and improved campus, and to do our part in making Trinity available to future worthy undergraduates.
I will not review the jammed packed Reunion program as I did in my last letter to you in January, other than to say you will be hearing from Charley Todd and Scott Gregory about the Reunion book, Kiau Loi about the Passionate Pursuits, Ron Yates about the Newsletter, and Dan Saklad, George Kellner and others about our Class Gift, all in due time. Bottom line is that the intention of the planning committee is to give us all a spectacularly good time!
I have mentioned before that our goal is to break the attendance record and to do our part in helping the College. A new attendance record was just set by the Class of 1963 when 94 of their members came to their 50th Reunion. Presently we have 77 of our classmates planning to attend; we need to break 100. As an incentive to encourage those of you still on the fence to come next June so we can break the record set by that dastardly class before us, I will do something never done before at any Reunion gathering in the 190 year history of the college: I will run naked across the Quad. Being 72 at the time, this never to be forgotten event will be like watching a movie in slow motion. Imagine it. Ok, now that you envision it in your mind's eye, perhaps that is not such a great idea. I am open to your suggestions.
Seriously, please join those already committed to attend (see the list on the Web site). Please go to our Web site noted above and sign up or call Kristen Gordon at the College at 860-297-2406 and let her know. In the meantime, think about coming to HOMECOMING November 8-9th. We will have another planning meeting then at the College and you are welcome to sit in and participate. The 50th Reunion Baton will be passed from the Class of 1963 to us that weekend, with Don McLagan accepting the baton on our behalf.
To conclude, having a wonderful summer. Expect a call or letter from a classmate and the College in the not too distant future.  And get pumped! 
All the best,
Michael Phineas Anderson, Chair

January 2013

Dear Classmate,
As the new year begins, I thought it would be a good time to send you a short update letter and to say your 50th Reunion Planning Committee is really looking forward to seeing you at the College on June 13-15, 2014!! 

Since August 2012 when I last wrote, the committee has had another meeting, this time at Trinity. Here are some highlights of that meeting:

1) A series of mini-unions are planned from February through April, 2013, to be held in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Maryland, and Massachusetts and based on who is willing to host, we may plan more in 2013. By now, you should have received an invitation for these mini-reunions; I hope you can attend at least one! We are the first class to come up with the idea of mini-unions prior to the BIG event. The purpose of the mini-unions is to renew friendships, to be updated on the college, and to encourage attendance for the 50th.  

2) Ron Yates encourages classmates to visit, our Web site. Beginning this month there will be quarterly updates on the Web site, including interesting information about our class, who has committed to attend the 50th, how to register for the Alumni Directory to get in touch with other classmates, events from 1964, current life on campus, and 50th Reunion plans.

3) Frank Kirkpatrick has devised a specific plan for a memorial service for those classmates no longer with us, approximately 35 in number. Widows will be invited to the service and Reunion weekend.

4) After input from class members, it has been decided that a worthy fundraising goal is to support a Class of 1964 Student Scholarship. The total class giving figure will include donations to the scholarship and Annual Fund, five years before and pledges five years after 2014. Additionally, legacy gifts through a documented bequest intention, insurance policy or retirement assets will also be a part of the total. Dan Saklad and George Kellner with committee members' help are working on ways to encourage all classmates to participate in some way to support these fundraising initiatives.

5) Bill Burnham, Keith Watson, Chris Gilson and others are making good progress on the program for the weekend. Friday afternoon there will be a panel on medical public policy to discuss health care issues relevant to retirees (e.g., Health Care Reform Act, Medicare reform, etc.). On Saturday morning another panel will discuss the continued relevance of a Trinity liberal arts education, whether there should be greater focus on specific career development in light of the nation's job needs, and the spiraling cost of tuition. Saturday night's Class Dinner will be emceed by Bill Minot and a 60's era band will help us exercise. There will be many more options during the weekend from which to choose.

To conclude, we are about half way there is terms of setting an attendance record. Please go to and add your name to the attendance list. Join a mini-reunion! Please email me with any suggestions you might have for the reunion weekend. On behalf of the committee, I wish you a healthy and wonderful 2013!

Michael Phineas Anderson, Chair

August 25, 2012

Dear Classmates,

 Our 50th Class Reunion!  It is coming sooner than you think!  This epic event to be held June 13-15, 2014, surely looks to be celebratory, meaningful, enriching, and a fun time for all.  There will be ample opportunities for us to visit together and share memories.

 You may recall that I wrote you on February 18, 2011, about this special reunion, asking for help in organizing the Grand Weekend.   This letter is an update of our progress a year and a half later.

 An outstanding 50th Class Reunion Committee now exists, as seen by the list of members in the left column.  With the help of the College, we have organized ourselves into subcommittees: attendance, program, gifts, memorial, Elms Society, profile book, communications, and special exhibit.  We now have a class Web site:, which I encourage you to access, as it will continually be updated.

 We had a full committee meeting on April 4, 2012, in New York City to really get the ball rolling.  We want to break the attendance record, recently set by the Class of 1962 with 32 percent of their members attending their 50th Class Reunion. We will need 90 classmates at our reunion to be in the history books. And yes, you will be solicited for donations (dollars, future bequests, etc.) to support the many worthy projects of the College, so on our 50th Class Reunion, please put Trinity at the top of your giving list.

  A memorial service is being planned for the 35 classmates who are no longer with us. The Program Committee is busy at work organizing speakers, the Reunion dinner, breakfast get togethers, and activities for us and our loved ones at the College and in the Hartford environs.  

 In ensuing weeks, you will hear from a committee member or two as our 1964-2014 Class Reunion Profile Book gets organized (what have you been up to these last fifty years?) and as we plan the exhibit at the College of your hobbies and special interests. 

 I do not know about you, but living far from Trinity and being involved with charitable organizations near my home, I have not been in close touch with the College or with classmates other than roommates over the years.  But I figure those four years were an important part of our youthful lives, forming us to a certain degree, so our 50th Class Reunion will be a wonderful occasion to revisit those times.  

 Your voluntary reunion committee is working hard to make the weekend a memorable one.  Please set the date aside and let us know you are coming (see Web site or E-mail me). We welcome your suggestions for the weekend.

 Thanks so much!

 Michael Phineas Anderson, Chair β€‹

January 24, 2011
Dear Classmates,

Nothing like getting back in contact after 47 years! How are you!?

I did see a number of you at the 25th Reunion and it was there that in jest I was elected, appointed, who knows, to chair our 50th Reunion. I thought that day would never come or if it did, by that time I would have likely gone to the Underworld. Well, we all know how time flies, and sure enough our 50th Reunion in June of 2014 is not that far off and I remain on Terra Firma in the outskirts of Tucson, Arizona with wife Mitchell of 41 years.

When Trinity contacted me last year to begin planning our 50th, I said, β€œAre you kidding?”  I mean, our 50th was four years away!  But they were not kidding. They want to do a bang-up job for us to relive our youth, renew our association with the college, and if inclined, support the many worthy endeavors or our alma mater.
So the purpose of this letter is a plea: I need help! Who wants to help? Email me at or call me at 520-825-0124. I need a steering committee to set goals (e.g. the record for participation at 50th Reunions is 68 alums, Class of 1952, about 30% of the class – should we set a goal to break that record?), classmates who will help plan the program, classmates who will find missing alums, classmates who will contact friends to encourage their attendance, classmates who ask other classmates for donations (we all give to various worthy causes, but on our 50th, should not Trinity be at the top of the list?), etc.

This reunion could be fun; we can be raucous. Think back to 1964. The 50th Reunion of the Class of 1914. They were really old, we are not. We CAN take over the college. Let's kick it up. So contact me, let's start to plan......

All the best,

Michael Phineas Anderson