Planning Calendar Deadlines

​Month ​Gift Committee ​Program Committee
​Meeting 9/27
​Meeting 9/27
​October ​First Appeal sent
  • letter then calls
​Finalize programming suggestions
Start work on the class pin
Collect profile sheets
Add to "Look" List
​November ​Planned Giving letter
Follow-up calls begin
Personal visits begin
  • Finalize the class pin
  • Full Committee meeting at the College
Work on dinner programs
​December ​EOY mailing (with calendar)
Calls continue
​Mail hats
​January ​Personal visits & calls continue
FL event?
​Complete the profile book
Registration opens
​February ​Personal visits & calls continu
FL event?
​Finalize class regalia
​March ​Second appeal ​Finalize Half Century, memorial service
and class dinner programs
​April ​Final calls ​Attendance calls
​May ​Final calls
​Attendance calls
Registration closes
​June ​Celebrate!!