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Passionate Pursuits

This “new tradition” for Trinity reunions is planned for our 50th this June. There will be a display highlighting various keen interests of our old friends. These can be hobbies or personal passions like poetry, painting, sculpture, photography, writing, collecting, etc.
We hope you have an example you would be willing to contribute to our display and/or any suggestions you might have with respect to other potential contributors from among our classmates. Who, for example, has written a book, published a song or painted a picture? Please give it some thought and send any ideas along to Shep Spink
Here are some examples of the type of things you are likely to see in “Passionate Pursuits”:
Paul and Melinda Sullivan's DuPaquier project' Collection​ ​

​ ​ ​Watercolors by Shep Spink

 Charlie Classen’s camel                                            Ian Bennett’s book