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Amy McGill Dilatush ’94

Amy Dilatush graduated with a B.A. in art history. While a student, she was an editor of The Trinity Tripod, and since graduation, she has served as a class agent, an admissions volunteer, and a member of the Long Walk Societies. In early 2017, she hosted the Woman’s Leadership Council event in Chicago. Dilatush built a career in advertising and marketing in New York City, including working on Proctor & Gamble accounts for the New York advertising agency DMB&B. She transitioned to the client side as vice president and head of marketing for the eBusiness Development Group at Prudential Financial. Dilatush and her husband, John, and their children, Mac, Olivia, and Henry, have lived in New York City and San Francisco; they now reside in Chicago. She has been civically active in all three cities as well as in Nantucket, serving on the boards of several organizations. Dilatush also is a member of the Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago Founders’ Board, The Woman’s Board of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and the Chicago Advisory Board of the Concussion Legacy Foundation.

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