Student Admissions Associates, Summer 2018

Student Admissions Associates (SAA's) are a group of highly motivated seniors who are selected to represent the college. SAA's conduct interviews and group information sessions for prospective students and their families. We are very proud of our Student Admissions Associates and have used the space below to expand on their talents, interests, and involvement here at Trinity. Please feel free to browse through and read more about each of our SAA's.

Alex Bednarek

Berlin, CT
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Berlin High School
Major/Minor: Neuroscience
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of its strong science programs, prodigious alumni network and overall campus culture.
Favorite Class: Anthropology
Favorite Professor: Dr. James Trostle
Extra-Curricular Activities: Varsity Soccer, Neuroscience club, Tour Guiding,
What I love most about Trinity: I love how Trinity students are exposed to so much. This environment is academically rigorous and challenging, allowing for students to really grow as intellectuals. Students come to Trinity from all walks of life, which has helped me gain new perspective into how I view the world. Students who come to Trinity are also fortunate enough to participate in small classes and explore strong connections with Bantam alumni.
Professional goals/career plans: My plan is to pursue graduate studies in environmental science and astronomy, with the ultimate goal of working for NASA. My true intellectual passions involve reading as much as I can about our planet and space, and I would love to have a career exploring and discovering all I can to find out if there is life on other worlds.

Kate Dietrich-Manion

West Chester, PA
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Unionville High School
Major/Minor: International Studies (Major), Hispanic Studies (Major)
Why I chose Trinity: After seeing the stunning campus, engaging faculty, and truly incredible student body surrounded by a vibrant city, I couldn't say no.
Favorite Class: Global Politics
Favorite Professor: Professor John Alcorn
Extra-Curricular Activities: Honor Council, Student Government Association (SGA), Campaign for Community, Venture Women's Leadership.
What I love most about Trinity: How easy and rewarding is it to become a leader on campus in something in which you are truly passionate.
Professional goals/career plans: Professor at a small liberal arts college.

​Eavan Flanagan

Baltimore, MD
Class of 2018
High School Attended: The Park School of Baltimore
Major/Minor: Urban Studies, minors in Architectural Studies & Studio Arts
Why I chose Trinity: Small sized classes where students have relationships with professors, and its beautiful campus and location in a small-sized city with which it engages.
Favorite Class: Race, Gender, Global Security
Favorite Professor: Love them all!
Extra-Curricular Activities: Campaign for Community, TREEHouse, Outdoors Club
What I love most about Trinity: Given its size and location, I think Trinity has many opportunities in academics and to get involved in both Trinity as well as the greater Hartford community.
Professional goals/career plans: Interested in Urban Planning, especially in small and medium sized cities.