Student Admissions Associates, 2017-2018

Student Admissions Associates (SAA's) are a group of highly motivated seniors who are selected to represent the College. SAA's conduct interviews and group information sessions for prospective students and their families. We are very proud of our Student Admissions Associates and have used the space below to expand on their talents, interests, and involvement here at Trinity. Please feel free to browse through and read more about each of our SAA's.

Alex Bednarek

Berlin, CT
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Berlin High School
Major/Minor: Neuroscience
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of its strong science programs, prodigious alumni network and overall campus culture.
Favorite Class: Anthropology
Favorite Professor: Dr. James Trostle
Extra-Curricular Activities: Varsity Soccer, Neuroscience club, Tour Guiding,
What I love most about Trinity: I love how Trinity students are exposed to so much. This environment is academically rigorous and challenging, allowing for students to really grow as intellectuals. Students come to Trinity from all walks of life, which has helped me gain new perspective into how I view the world. Students who come to Trinity are also fortunate enough to participate in small classes and explore strong connections with Bantam alumni.
Professional goals/career plans: My plan is to pursue graduate studies in environmental science and astronomy, with the ultimate goal of working for NASA. My true intellectual passions involve reading as much as I can about our planet and space, and I would love to have a career exploring and discovering all I can to find out if there is life on other worlds.

​Jane Bisson

Weston, MA
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Newton Country Day School
Major/Minor: Political Science; Minor: Urban Studies
Why I chose Trinity: When I was looking at colleges, I knew I wanted to learn in an urban environment. Trinity’s beautiful campus, small class sizes and outstanding professors- all located in a capital city- made my decision easy!
Favorite Class: Understanding Civil Conflict
Favorite Professor: Professor Anthony Messina and Professor Garth Myers
Extra-Curricular Activities: Student Government Association, Downtown Campus Planning Committee, Intern at the Capital Region Development Authority, Campaign for Community, Charleston House of Interfaith Cooperation, Jones-Zimmerman Academic Mentoring Program, The Cities Program
What I love most about Trinity: I love Trinity’s symbiotic relationship with Hartford. We are a community on campus, but also a part of the Hartford community. There are so many opportunities that going to a school in a capital city gives you, and in turn we as students are able to give back to the Hartford community through outreach and service.
Professional goals/career plans: After graduation, I hope to move to Boston and pursue a career in public relations or marketing.

Jack Boucher

Newton, MA
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Newton North High School
Major/Minor: Economics
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because my tour took place on a peak quad day in April where the campus was alive and I wanted to apart of it all! (Semi-Joking). I made my decision to come to Trinity because I knew it would challenge me academically, give me a great quality of life, meet lifelong friends, and ultimately help me get hired after college. (3/4 so far, so I guess I was right!).
Favorite Class: Environmental Policy with Professor Chambers
Favorite Professor: Professor Grossberg
Extra-Curricular Activities: Varsity Track and Field, Kappa Sigma Fraternity, United Way Reader and Tutor, Alumni Caller and Fund Raiser
What I love most about Trinity: What I love most about Trinity is the ability the students have to diversify themselves. We are not confided to our sports team or our clubs, all of us are involved in a array of different micro communities that blends really well. The ability to meet people across all walks of life and build relationships is what I love most about Trinity.
Professional goals/career plans: I plan to be in sales in tech or energy. Eventually getting an MBA and  running my own team while working with people every day. To take it a step further I’d love to get involved in a nonprofit and work on contributing to Rwanda where I have some ties. Ultimately leave the world a better place than I found it.

​Henry Chavez

El Salvador
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Boston Latin
Major/Minor: Political Science & Urban Studies
Why I chose Trinity: Close-knit community
Favorite Class: World Economy of Higher Education
Favorite Professor: Reo Matsuzaki & Isaac Kamola
Extra-Curricular Activities: Latino America Unida, Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity, Inc., Charleston House of Interfaith Cooperation, and First Generation and Low-Income Student Advisory Board
What I love most about Trinity: Everyone has the opportunity to be a big fish in a small pond.
Professional goals/career plans: College president

Bhumika Choudhary

Mumbai, India
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Jamnabai Narsee School
Major/Minor: Creative Writing English major with a Writing, Rhetoric, and Media Arts minor
Why I chose Trinity: Trinity became my number one choice after the campus visit because I was attracted to the dynamic environment of curiosity. 
Favorite Class: Performance through Theatre – Incarceration and Forensic Psychology
Favorite Professor: Professor Barbara Benedict and Adam Grossberg
Extra-Curricular Activities: Office of Communications Student Worker, Allan K. Smith Writing Center Head Tutor, Office of Admissions Student Admissions Associate, President of TEDx Trinity College, Mentor in the Big and Little Sister Program, and Student Writer at Tripod.
What I love most about Trinity: PEOPLE! Each individual affiliated with Trinity College has made the school my second home by constantly supporting my visions while challenging me to push my boundaries. The people create a nurturing and warm environment, which each student can thrive in.
Professional goals/career plans: Journalism

Kate Dietrich-Manion

West Chester, PA
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Unionville High School
Major/Minor: International Studies (Major), Hispanic Studies (Major)
Why I chose Trinity: After seeing the stunning campus, engaging faculty, and truly incredible student body surrounded by a vibrant city, I couldn't say no.
Favorite Class: Global Politics
Favorite Professor: Professor John Alcorn
Extra-Curricular Activities: Honor Council, Student Government Association (SGA), Campaign for Community, Venture Women's Leadership.
What I love most about Trinity: How easy and rewarding is it to become a leader on campus in something in which you are truly passionate.
Professional goals/career plans: Professor at a small liberal arts college.

Emily Dowden
Port Jefferson, New York
Class of 2018
High school attended: St. Anthony's High School in Huntington, New York
Major: Religious Studies - Judaism
Why I chose Trinity: The moment I saw campus, I immediately knew it was where I belonged. Although I was first attracted to the sights of the Long Walk, main quad, and chapel, it was Trinity's reputation, class sizes, and fantastic professors that vindicated my decision.
Favorite class: Religious Suffering
Favorite professors: Professor Tamsin Jones and Professor Gabriel Hornung  
Extracurricular activities: Currently, I'm the Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief of The Beacon Newsmagazine, a member of Chapel Council and, in addition to being employed as an SAA, am employed as a Media Associate. Previously in my Trinity career, I had two internships in the Hartford area and one in Rome while I was studying abroad, was employed by Trinity as a Social Media & Marketing intern and Global Ambassador, and was involved with Campaign for Community's "Addressing Sexual Misconduct" group.
What I love most about Trinity: The people! I have an amazing group of friends, who are all diverse from one another. I feel so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet them and I am confident that we will all remain friends for the rest of our lives.
Professional goals/career plans: I intend to go to Divinity School.

​Eavan Flanagan

Baltimore, MD
Class of 2018
High School Attended: The Park School of Baltimore
Major/Minor: Urban Studies, minors in Architectural Studies & Studio Arts
Why I chose Trinity: Small sized classes where students have relationships with professors, and its beautiful campus and location in a small-sized city with which it engages.
Favorite Class: Race, Gender, Global Security
Favorite Professor: Love them all!
Extra-Curricular Activities: Campaign for Community, TREEHouse, Outdoors Club
What I love most about Trinity: Given its size and location, I think Trinity has many opportunities in academics and to get involved in both Trinity as well as the greater Hartford community.
Professional goals/career plans: Interested in Urban Planning, especially in small and medium sized cities.

Katharine Haghdan

Pelham, NH
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Bishop Guertin High School
Major/Minor: Biomedical Engineering with a History minor
Why I chose Trinity:  I chose Trinity because I believe Trinity’s greatest strengths are the strength of the academic programs, the school community that embraces and empowers students, and the wisdom that is imparted upon its students.  Trinity has an eclectic student body that provides an intangible vibe of acceptance.  Trinity celebrates the differences in people to bring change. The caring professors, sports programs and clubs allows for a strong community. The small classrooms are a critical aspect of the school community because it facilitates communication between the professors and the students, and the student to student interaction as well.  The small classroom sizes allows for students to stay more engaged in class. Students get to know each other so they can work on homework and study together.  Professors can tailor instruction more individually and can tailor the lesson to the majority of the students’ strengths and work on the collective weaknesses.  Most importantly smaller class sizes lead to one-on-one interactions between the student and the professor.  All of my professors know me by my first name in class, and by going to office hours I have formed a relationship with many of them.  The relationships I have with my professors allow me to understand their method of teaching and gives me the tools to learn and perform well in their class.
Favorite Class:  Animal Physiology and Modern Climate Change
Favorite Professor:  Professor Thomas Wickman
Extra-Curricular Activities: Trinity College Softball, Team Impact Ambassador, Tour Guide, Tutoring at Kennelly, Resident Assistant, Society of Woman Engineers, Volunteer at Place of Grace Food Pantry
What I love most about Trinity:  There are many aspects of Trinity that I love but playing for the Trinity College Softball Team has been the most meaningful to me.   As a part of this team I feel so much support and love from a group of girls and coaching staff that I truly care about.   I work hard at my sport because I want to do well for my team.  I never want to let me teammates down.  Being a part of a team has taught me life long values that I continue to believe in and will believe in for the rest of my life.  More specifically softball has taught me to never be late for anything, time management, to work hard, to never quit, to respect others, and to set goals.  College softball has allowed me to reach for my career dreams while continuing to play a sport I love.  Softball allows me to be competitive and is a positive distraction to school work.  Being part of Trinity College Softball Team has allowed me to find a second family that has continued to help me grow and support me unconditionally.
What I love most about Trinity: I love being a student athlete on campus.  Playing at the D3 level has taught me great time management skills as academics are my number one priority.  Softball has been a great outlet for me, the girls on the team are like a second family, and I am going to take my memories of being on a team with me forever.Professional goals/career plans:  As I look to the future with a biomedical engineering concentration I have the opportunity to work in many different areas.  I could work in pharmaceutical, device, diagnostic, patient care and/or research. My passion is in prosthetics.  I would like to design and develop prosthetics as well as work with patients to enhance their quality of life. I plan to pursue a career in prosthetics and I can’t wait to help and enhance people’s lives.

Madison Hummer

Los Angeles, CA
Class of 2018​
​High School Attended: Mira Costa High School
Major/Minor: Art History major, Classical Studies minor
Why I chose Trinity: I visited the campus early in the process of choosing which colleges to apply to, and instantly fell in love with Trinity
Favorite Class: Sex and Sexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome
Favorite Professor: Dan Lloyd
Extra-Curricular Activities: Barre fitness instructor on campus, member of the Trinity College Quirks
What I love most about Trinity: The people!
Professional goals/career plans: Art consultancy

Ian King

Chicago, IL
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Maine Township High School South
Major/Minor: History
Why I chose Trinity: Small community, small class sizes, beautiful campus, amazing academics and professors, and the humanities gateway program!
Favorite Class: The entirety of the Guided Studies/Humanities Gateway Program
Favorite Professor: Dario Euraque
Extra-Curricular Activities: Mock Trial, Chamber Music Program, Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity
What I love most about Trinity: The accessibility of professors
Professional goals/career plans: Graduate School/History Professor

Milosz Kowal

Class of 2018
High School Attended: Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy (IMSA)
Major/Minor: Majors: Mathematics, Theater/Dance
Why I chose Trinity: Financial Aid, proximity to NYC/Boston
Favorite Class: Graph Theory with Applications (MATH 326)
Favorite Professor: Per Sebastian Skardal, Mathematics Department
Extra-Curricular Activities: Trinity College Student Photographers (President), ITS Helpdesk (Head Consultant)
What I love most about Trinity: Trinity doesn’t hold hands; one has to put in a substantial amount of effort to achieve any results here.
Professional goals/career plans: Freelance corporate photography in Salt Lake City.

Jennifer Martin

Ridgewood, NJ
Class of 2018
​High School Attended: Ridgewood High School
Major/Minor: Public Policy and Law, Education Studies
Why I chose Trinity: Trinity checked off almost everything on my list when I was touring schools, I loved the beautiful campus, small class sizes, and liberal arts curriculum.  When I visited Trinity a second time for my accepted students day I saw how unique the opportunities Trinity and Hartford could offer me were.  I knew Trinity was a place that I could feel at home while also challenging myself and taking advantage of so many experiences that being in a capital city offers students. 
Favorite Class: Law, Argument and Public Policy
Favorite Professor: Professor Serena Laws
Extra-Curricular Activities: Barnyard, Mock Trial, LIP Internship Program
What I love most about Trinity: The passion that all of my professors have for the classes they teach and how engaged they are with their students.
Professional goals/career plans: I am excited to see what is next after Trinity.  Whatever it is, I hope to be giving back and working to help people in someway.

Timothy McDermott

Mbabane, Kingdom of Swaziland
Class of 2018​
High School Attended: Waterford Kamhlaba UWCSA
Major/Minor: International Studies Major; French Major
Why I chose Trinity: I could have small, engaged classes whilst still experiencing life in a city - halfway between Boston and New York, nonetheless. Furthermore, Trinity's generous financial aid packages are unrivaled. They follow me as I study away, and allow me to travel home to see my family.
Favorite Class: Currently, it is Global Ideologies with Vijay Prashad. We challenge conventional notions of planetary morality and reflect upon common tropes in an increasingly globalized world. When the course material is fascinating, and the class is a discussion-based seminar led with passion (a frequent occurrence at Trinity), it makes for an enjoyable experience.
Favorite Professor: This is like asking a parent, “who's your favorite child?”; Except now the child is a exceptionally well-qualified global leader in their field of interest and I'm their student. Ask me next year.
Extra-Curricular Activities: Varsity Rowing, The Accidentals, The African Choir, Peter B Friday's, Student Athlete Academic Committee, Campaign for Community
What I love most about Trinity: I can be a leader and a follower, a soloist and a teammate; participate actively on and off campus whilst still following rigorous academic pursuits with world class professors… Trinity allows you to explore, engage and excel. That's what I love most.
Professional goals/career plans: I often entertain the notion of being an ambassador or diplomat… I should like to exercise the experiences I've had to ameliorate my community back home. “Think globally, act locally”, to start off.

Kyle McGrath

Avon, CT
Class of 2018​
High School Attended: The Keystone School
Major/Minor: Psychology; Writing, Rhetoric, and Media
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because it provided the ideal combination of a beautiful New England campus and the lifestyle and opportunities of a growing city.
Favorite Class: Clinical Psychology with Randy Lee
Favorite Professor: David Reuman
Extra-Curricular Activities: Co-Founder of the Trinity Business Association; The Trinity Psychology Club; The Trinity Golf Club.
What I love most about Trinity: As a product of its location in the capital city, I have had the opportunity to hold several internships downtown during my semesters at Trinity. I appreciate being able to take advantage of the career advancement opportunities that the city provides, while studying and living on the picturesque campus. 
Professional goals/career plans: I plan to pursue opportunities in Business Development and Investor Relations in Asset Management or Private Equity. I also intend on obtaining my MBA.

Abigail Painchaud

Concord, NH
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Concord High School
Major/Minor: Public Policy and Law with a minor in Hispanic Studies
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of the abundance of interdisciplinary majors and minors that are available and because of the opportunities that can arise from attending a small liberal arts school in a capital city.
Favorite Class: PBPL 202: Oral Arguments
Favorite Professor:  Professor Williamson
Extra-Curricular Activities: Mock Trial and Barnyard
What I love most about Trinity: I love Trinity’s study abroad programs because I learned how to see the world differently and I was able to experience life in a new environment, unfamiliar from my own.
Professional goals/career plans: I plan on attending grad school or law school in the future and I would love to work for an advocacy firm in Washington D.C.

Vy Phan

Fort Wayne, IN
Class of 2018
High School Attended: Canterbury High School
Major: Neuroscience and Hispanic Studies
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of the opportunity to conduct research starting my freshman year through the Interdisciplinary Science Program, the educational prestige of the college, and its geographic location. Trinity also offered a vast range of opportunities for me to pursue my passions and expand my learning.
Favorite Class: The Process of Discovery
Favorite Professor: Professor Alison Draper
Extra-Curricular Activities: Trinity in Barcelona Study Abroad, undergraduate research, Hartford Hospital volunteer, Open Airways, Green Campus, and ConnectiKids.
What I love most about Trinity: The people! I love running into familiar faces and welcoming smiles on my way to class every morning. The ease in which we are able to join various organizations on campus is fantastic in allowing us to meet new people with different backgrounds while bonding over a shared interest. The students, professors and staff are incredibly supportive and help to create a strong sense of community throughout campus.
Professional goals/career plans: Medical school

Molly Santora

New Canaan, CT
Class of 2018
High School Attended: New Canaan High School
Major/Minor: Psychology, American Studies
Why I chose Trinity: Well-rounded liberal arts education, small classes with approachable professors
Favorite Class: Interpersonal Relationships, Psychology of Language, Queer America
Favorite Professor: Professor Gieseking
Extra-Curricular Activities: WRTC Station Manager, Trinity’s radio station; Alumni Liaison at The Mill, Trinity’s co-ed social house dedicated to the arts
What I love most about Trinity: The ability to be exposed to many different subjects and styles of learning, and to work with professors who genuinely care about their students and want us to integrate our learnings into how we see the world.
Professional goals/career plans: To lend my understanding of human psychology and the importance of diversity to a strategic planning or marketing career.

​Annabel Stanley

Westchester, NY
Class of 2018
​High School Attended: Byram Hills High School
Major/Minor:  Major: Psychology; Minor: Legal Studies
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of the close knit community.
Favorite Class: Perception
Favorite Professor: Laura Holt
Extra-Curricular Activities: Women's Varsity Soccer, Alpha Chi Omega sorority, Big sister in WGRAC
What I love most about Trinity:  I love that Trinity encourages students to become involved in as many activities that interests the student.
Professional goals/career plans: I hope to go to law school and practice in matrimonial law.