Multicultural Recruitment Team Interns

Suzanne Del Rosario
Brooklyn, NY
Class of 2018

High School: Thomas A. Edison Career & Vocational High School
Human Rights, Public Policy and Law
Favorite Trinity Courses: African American Feminism, Racism
Favorite Trinity Professor: Professor Donna-Dale Marcano
Extra-curricular Activities: President of Trinity College's Black Student Union Imani, Staff at Trinfo Café, Staff at Trinity College's Welcome Desk, Member of the Elemental Dance Crew, Member of the Moveable Joints!
Favorite Place in Hartford: El Mercado, a multiple Latin-Owned Restaurant and Supermarket
Professional/Career Goals: I plan to attend law school to become a Civil Rights/Human Rights Lawyer.
Why I chose Trinity: ​Trinity was my first and only choice for college. I chose to attend Trinity because of its strong and diverse Human Rights Program. I wanted to benefit from Trinity's small class size and Hartford's rich culture.

​Tyler Gibbs
Bronx, NY
Class of 2019

High School: Riverdale Country School

 Economics and Human Rights 

Favorite Trinity Course:
 International Human Rights Law 

Favorite Trinity Professor: 
Professor Miguel Ramirez

Extra-curricular Activities:
 Elemental Movement Dance Crew, Imani, Black Student Union, Student Manager at the Office of Multicultural Affairs, and Big Sister, Little Sister 
Favorite Place in Hartford: Westfarms Mall

Professional/Career Goals:
 While I am still not sure what I would like to do in life, I would definitely want to be able to help people. 

Why I Chose Trinity: 
I appreciated how small the classes sizes were at Trinity and that Human Rights was available as a major

Eun Sol (Sara) Lee
Los Angeles, CA
Class of 2018

High School: Los Alamitos High School
Major: Public Policy and Law, Urban Studies; 
Minor: Japanese

Favorite Trinity Course: 
“Urban Policy" with Professor Rachel Moskowitz

Favorite Trinity Professor:
 Professor Garth Myers

Extra-curricular Activities:
 QuestBridge, Quest, Jiu Jitsu, Rock Climbing, Chapel Council

Favorite Place in Hartford: 
King and I Thai

Professional/Career Goals: 
I want to be either a lawyer or a foreign service officer.

Why I Chose Trinity:
 I really wanted to study abroad and Trinity had a very strong culture of that. Additionally, I was thinking about law or public policy and thought that Hartford as a capitol city would be advantageous.

Shahnila Malik

Montreal, Canada
Class of 2020

​High school: Collegiate Institute for Math and Science
Engineering; Concentration: Biomedical
Favorite Trinity Courses: The world of rare books, Chemistry
Favorite Trinity Professors: Profession Stephen Barshay and Professor William Church
Extra-curricular activities: President of the House of Peace (Middle Eastern organization on campus),  Promoting Respect for Inclusive Diversity in Education (P.R.I.D.E.) leader, Multicultural Recruitment Team, student worker at the Mather Front Desk
Favorite place in Hartford: Hartford Public library 
Professional /Career goals: I have many goals that I want to achieve, but the most dominant one would be able to travel around the world as part of my professional career.
Why I chose Trinity: The small size classes allows for direct interaction with the professors and Trinity has a very effective career center that allows for internships and academic programs to happen. The campus is welcoming and it has incredible study abroad opportunities. 

Giana Moreno

Chicago, IL
Class of 2020​

​High School: Trinity High School
International Studies and Anthropology
Favorite Trinity Course: Mass Media, Pop Culture, and Social Reality
Favorite Professor: Professor Timothy Landry and Professor Johnny Williams
Extra-curricular Activities: Community service chair of La Voz Latina, Promoting Respect and Inclusive Diversity in Education (P.R.I.D.E) leader, Multicultural Recruitment Team, dancer on the Elemental Dance Team, barista at the Underground Cafe, organizer of Trinity's Temple of Hip Hop.
Favorite Place in Hartford: Fire and Spice, a vegan Jamaican restaurant.
Professional/Career Goals: Although I do not have a particular career my desires yearn for, I do know that I want to travel our world as a proponent of peace. My only goal is to become something larger then myself while encouraging others to be their best versions.
Why I Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity for its community, whether it be the intimate relationships created with professors or the vitality of students lounging in the Underground Cafe, there is always a community present on campus. In addition, I also admired the proximity of being located in a culturally rich city. Hartford is a beautiful place and there is lots to learn by simply walking through the neighborhood.

Bryan Nshimirimana
Atlanta, GA
Class of 2021
High School: Towers High School
Major: Human Rights; Minor: Educational Studies
Favorite Trinity Courses: Analyzing Schools and Steelpan Class
Favorite Trinity Professor: Professor Wong
Extra-Curricular Activities: Executive Board member of the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Event Support Unit Manager
Favorite Place in Hartford: Dunn's River Jamaican Restaurant
Professional/Career Goals: To be an admissions counselor
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because it offered a different environment from what I was used to back home. Trinity also provides its students the opportunity to learn about different cultures around the world, while providing resources for its student and cultural organizations who aim to spread cultural awareness on campus.

Paola Otero
Lynn, MA
Class of 2018

High School: Phillips Exeter Academy

 Public Policy and Law; Concentrations: Law and Society, Urban Policy

Favorite Trinity Course: 
Conflicts and Culture

Favorite Trinity Professor: 
Professor Christina Heatherton

Extra-curricular Activities: 
Main organizer of Trinity’s Temple of Hip Hop chapter; Cultural house coordinator of La Voz Latina, the Latino/a organization on Trinity’s campus; Vice President of Imani: Trinity College’s black student union; Promoting Respect for Inclusive Diversity in Education (P.R.I.D.E) assistant program coordinator; Secretary of SGA's budget committee; TA (Teacher Assistant in the Public Policy and Law and Jewish Studies department)

Favorite Place in Hartford:​
 El Comerio (Puerto Rican restaurant on Park street)

Professional/Career Goals: 
I plan on going to law school, but ultimately I want to work in a field where I take policies, analyze them, and make them better.

Why I Chose Trinity:
 I chose Trinity because I wanted a small enough school where my professors would be accessible and I would be able to cultivate a relationship with them beyond the classroom. To add, the city of Hartford had a significant role in me choosing Trinity because I wanted to be in a city that I could connect to and make my second home.

Neve Rivera
Chicago, IL
Class of 2020
High School: William Jones College Preparatory High School

Major: International and Educational Studies
Favorite Trinity Courses: Understanding the History, Culture and Politics of Latin America & the Caribbean

Favorite Trinity Professor: Professor Michael Lestz, Professor Johnny Williams, and Professor Dario Euraque
Extra-curricular Activities: Public Relations and Secretary of La Voz Latina, volunteer at Moylan Elementary/Connecti-KIDS, coordinator at the Writing Center
Favorite Place in Hartford: El Mercado on Park Street

Professional/Career Goals: I am unsure of what exactly I want to do once I graduate. However, I am interested in applying to the Peace Corps and pursuing a career that deals with working with children.
Why I Chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of the ratio of students to faculty. I can easily establish a relationship with my professors and peers due to the size of my classes. Trinity also offers great opportunities for study abroad. Aside from academics, the campus is extremely beautiful and coming from Chicago, the outer Hartford community makes me feel at home, especially because of the local Latino restaurants and markets.

Jerry J. Rodriguez

Dorchester, MA
Class of 2020
High School: Boston Latin Academy
Major: Political Science, Human Rights
Favorite Trinity Courses: American National Government, Race & Modernity in Latin America, & World Music
Favorite Trinity Professor: Professor Diana Aldrete, Professor Serena Laws, and Professor Eric Galm
Extra-curricular Activities:​ Class of 2020 President, Social Chair of La Voz Latina (LVL), Secretary of the Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Multicultural Recruitment Team, Promoting Respect for Inclusive Diversity in Education (P.R.I.D.E.) leader
Favorite Place in Hartford: Park Street
Professional/Career Goals: To work in politics and advocate for educational rights for children coming from traumatic/low income backgrounds to help pursue them on the path to success. Making sure that these students receive resources to help them continue their education. Potentially containing a career of a Human Rights Lawyer, Education Lawyer, or an Advisor for students. 
Why I Chose Trinity: ​I chose Trinity because it was my number one school. I recognized that Trinity was very well rounded and a small school, which I prefer as it allows me to develop one on one relationship with my professors. The campus also has amazing aesthetics and awesome cultural clubs that students can join. Lastly, the majors on campus are unique and there is a diverse set of study abroad options as well.  ​

Jess Semblante
Grants Pass, OR
Class of 2021
High School: Grants Pass High School
Major: Educational Studies
Favorite Trinity Course: Special Education
Favorite Trinity Professor: John Foshay
Extracurricular Activities: Member of Bible Study, volunteer at Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy (HMTCA)
Favorite Place in Hartford: El Caribe (Dominican Restaurant)
Professional/Career Goals: I plan to work as an Elementary school teacher
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of its close-knit community and environment, both in and out of the classroom. I loved that the classes were small and teachers were accessible to students. I also wanted to experience living in such close proximity to a large, culturally diverse city such as Hartford.

Shayna Thomas
Brooklyn, NY
Class of 2021
High School: Poly Prep Country Day School
Major: Undeclared
Favorite Trinity Courses: Prisons and Justice in America, Introduction to Political Philosophy
Favorite Trinity Professor: Professor Tanetta Andersson
Extra-curricular Activities: Social Chair of Imani, Black Student Union, Athletic Team Management, Multicultural Recruitment Team
Favorite Place in Hartford: The Wadsworth Atheneum
Professional/Career Goals: I'm not exactly sure what I would like to do specifically but I would like to have a career with a broad impact and something that goes beyond myself.
Why I chose Trinity: As a liberal arts school, Trinity provides academic freedom. As a non-major, I still have the ability to explore every discipline. At Trinity, there are many opportunities to try new things and find out what matters most to you, which means a lot to me.

Raekwon Wheeler
Springfield, MA
Class of 2018

High School: Springfield Central High School, MA
Major: Political Science (American Government Concentration)
Favorite Trinity Course: Shakespeare as Philosopher
Favorite Trinity Professor: Professor Stefanie Chambers
Extracurricular activities: SGA Budget Committee, Greater Hartford Young Democrats, Office of Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (SAIL), Vernon Social Programmer
Favorite place in Hartford: Bear's Smokehouse Barbecue 
Career goals: Legislative Assistant
Why I chose Trinity: Its small class sizes, diversity, and beautiful campus.

Muhammad Zeb
Corpus Christi, TX
Class of 2021
High School: Calallen High School
Major: Economics and Public Policy and Law
Favorite Trinity Courses: Financial Markets & Institutions, Civic Engagement & Community, and Analyzing and Communicating Financial Data.
Favorite Trinity Professor: Dr. Abigail Williamson and Dr. Christopher Hoag
Extra-curricular Activities: Intern at Congressman John Larson’s office, Panel member on the Trinity College Honor Council, The Catalyst Leadership Corps., Founder of The Heritage Bridge Foundation, member of two sectors at The Trinity College Investment Club.
Favorite Place in Hartford: The Wadsworth Atheneum
Professional/Career Goals:
I hope to amalgamate the academic and co-curricular tools Trinity has endowed me with to expand into the financial realm. After spending a few years on Wall Street, I hope to receive my MBA or to dive into the private sector. I am eager to become a valuable alumnus to the college which has already contributed greatly to my life.
Why I chose Trinity: My choice to attend Trinity College can be described in one word: Growth. Trinity has enabled me to interact closely with distinguished faculty members in a mentorship inspiring manner and has already offered academic and co-curricular opportunities that are often only accessible to upperclassmen in larger academic institutions. Trinity teaches students to transform theoretical knowledge from class to tangible change through its close proximity to downtown Hartford and to become change markers in any field they choose.