International Students

Timing is critical in the financial aid process. To complete your file by our deadlines, you need to adhere to the following:

​Deadlines ​

​Early Decision Round 1 ​December 1st
​Early Decision Round 2 ​February 1st
​Regular Decision ​March 1st
Admissions Application
Indicate on your application that you wish to be considered for financial aid. It is too late to apply for Trinity grant assistance after you have been admitted.
U.S. citizens living abroad
Please follow the application instructions listed here.
Canadian citizens
Please file the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE and submit your Canadian tax returns.
All other passport holders
Please submit the following forms:
​Financial Aid Application Documents
​1.  CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE
​2.  Foreign tax returns translated into English with U.S. dollar equivalencies (or income statements from employers if foreign tax returns are not filed).

​Admissions Application Document
​3.  Certification of Finances Form

Special note to non-financial aid recipients

On occasion, international students who were admitted to Trinity without institutional grant assistance inquire if they may apply for financial aid in a subsequent year. In light of the College’s commitment to continue to meet the calculated needs of students receiving institutional aid, it is unlikely that resources will be available for enrolled students not currently receiving institutional funds.  Enrolled international students who wish to submit a first-time application for institutional aid should meet with the international aid administrator to discuss the application process and to review the list of required documents. All applicants must adhere to our published April 15th deadline.