Federal Work-Study Program

These positions are open to any currently enrolled Trinity College student. 
Students should apply directly to hiring departments. 
Reminder: When you acquire a position, do not forget to fill out the appropriate forms.

Job Title Pay Rate Location
Academic Mentor
​$10.10-10.85 ​HMTCA, 53 Vernon Street, Hartford
Group Leader- MELC
​$10.10-10.85 Manchester Early Learning Center, 80 Waddell Rd., Manchester
Program Associate ​$10.10-10.85 ​Greater Hartford YMCA, 90 State House Square
​Student Admissions Associate ​$10.10-10.85 ​Admissions & Career Development Building
​Student Assistant
$10.10-10.85​ ​Community Health Center, Inc.,  76 New Britain Ave., Hartford
​Teacher Assistant- MELC $10.10-10.85​ ​Manchester Early Learning Center, 80 Waddell Rd., Manchester
Youth Development Professional ​$10.10 Boys & Girls Club, 1500 Broad Street, Hartford​
*Please check back later as additional positions become available.