Resident Assistant


Job Title      Resident Assistant (RA)

Payment     First Year RA: $4,000 in a room grant plus $1,800 stipend over the year and an RA Staff jacket

Upperclassman RA:  Approximately $2,970 per academic year and an RA Staff jacket

Last Modified     1/30/2014

Work Period      2014-2015 Academic year

Department     Residential Life

Contact     Veronica Young

Contact Ext.    x4206

Job Description*     First Year and Upperclassman Resident Assistants are expected to perform the following duties: 

  • Staff member – a RA will serve as a part of a staff and will support and challenge other staff members in helping everyone perform their job well.  This will be accomplished through regularly scheduled staff meetings, training and staff activities, as well as constant and constructive communication with other staff members.
  • Programmer – a RA will create and plan programs for hir floor or hall in a wide variety of categories (social, educational, community service, diversity, etc.)
  • Administrator – a RA will assist in major administrative tasks including but not limited to check-in and check-out at the respective open and close of the year
  • Policy Enforcer – a RA must abide by and enforce all policies designated by the Office of ResLife and the College. It is important to note that most outcomes of sanctioning will be decided by a Hearing Officer (such as an AC), and that the student staff are only the reporting party. 
  • Resource – a RA will serve as a resource for hir residents, being available and having a knowledge of other campus organizations/ services and being able to refer his/her residents to these offices (the Health Center, Counseling, and others.)  This will help the RA excel as a Resource.
  • Role Model – a RA will be a role model by following the policies and behaviors ze expects of hir residents. Because RAs are expected to serve as role models, they are held to a much higher standard of expectations than other students.
  • Mediator - a RA will mediate conflicts and problems between roommates or other residents within the community.
  • Counselor - a RA will serve as a counselor to residents in need of help, referring out to professional staff and/or other offices when necessary.
  • Crisis Responder - a RA will respond to crises of various types and understand the correct protocol to follow as well as whom else to contact in the event of a crisis.  Some common examples of crisis can include emergency room transports, facilities emergencies, missing students, etc.  Another example - RAs were could be asked to staff buildings and do fire watches if we are without power. 
  • Advocate - a RA will advocate for hir residents when communication problems relating to facilities, wellness, and behavioral concerns to other Residential Education staff members occur.
  • Community Builder - a RA will build a community with hir area of responsibility as well as area-wide community.  This will be accomplished through serving all the other roles: Policy Enforcer, Programmer, Administrator, Resource, Role Model, Mediator, Counselor, and Staff Member.

Requirements*      Applicants must have full-time enrollment status at the College. Applicants must have sophomore class standing by date of employment. Applicants must be in good academic and disciplinary standing. An RA must maintain a Grade Point Average of 3.0 or better. Essential skills needed for the position include:

  • problem solver
  • organized
  • works independently
  • interpersonal skills
  • perseverance
  • ethical
  • good role model
  • good interpersonal skills
  • enthusiasm for the role
  • communicates policies effectively
  • works well with a team

To Apply *

  1. Complete the online application
  2. Submit your cover letter
  3. Submit your resume
  4. Submit your unofficial transcript
Application Deadline RA Applications for the 2014-2015 are due by 4:30pm, EST on Friday, February 28, 2014.
*A complete description of the RA position, including duties, requirements, and the application process can be found here.