Intramural Sports Official



Job Title     Intramural Sports Official

Pay Rate     $9.10

Location     Ferris Athletic Center

Last Modified    8/27/2013

# of Positions Available     Varies by season. Sports include Soccer, Volleyball, Flag Football, Broomball, basketball, Softball, Dodgeball, Kickball and more.

Hours      Typically late afternoon and evenings

Contact     Kathy Kilcoyne

Contact Ext.    x2104

Responsibilities      Students should have a general knowledge of the sport they wish to officiate. Attendance is required for official training sessions before the season. Officials and scorekeepers have the responsibility of enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of the game. Dressing appropriately for the conditions and wearing striped shirts is required. They will need to assist the Intramural Sports Supervisor with checking in participants, collecting equipment and maintaining a safe playing area.