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Intramural Sports Official and Scorekeeper


Job Title
     Intramural Sports Official and Scorekeeper
Pay Rate

Location     Ferris Athletic Center


Last Modified    8/15/2017

Work Period     Fall 2017

# of Positions Available     Depends on Intramural Sport Season; Between 4-6 for fall sports

Hours      Evenings, 8 - 11 PM 

Contact   Kevin Johnson

Contact Phone     860-297-5102


Responsibilities      Students should have a general knowledge of the sport they wish to officiate. Attendance is required for official training sessions before the Intramural Sport season. Officials and scorekeepers have the responsibility of enforcing the rules and maintaining the order of each game. Officials will dress appropriately for the conditions and are required to wear striped shirts. Officials will assist the Intramural Sports Supervisor to check in teams and athletes, collect equipment and maintain a safe playing area.