Student Admissions Associates Summer 2015

Student Admissions Associates (SAA's) are a group of highly motivated seniors who are selected to represent the College. SAA's conduct interviews and group information sessions for prospective students and their families. We are very proud of our Student Admissions Associates and have used the space below to expand on their talents, interests, and involvement here at Trinity. Please feel free to browse through and read more about each of our SAA's.

Nicholas Bellas

Old Lyme, CT

Class of 2016
High school attended: Lyme-Old Lyme High School
Major: Chemistry
Why I chose Trinity:  When I was deciding what college to attend, I knew I wanted a school with small class sizes, a strong pre-medicine track, and the freedom to pursue a variety of interests for a broad education.  Trinity offered all of this in addition to a beautiful campus and plenty of opportunities in Hartford.  Opportunities for things like hospital experience and volunteer positions such as tutoring made Trinity an easy choice.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Philosophy of Time”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Professor Timothy Curran
Extracurricular activities:  The Trinity College Pipes (a capella group), Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Club Soccer, CTkids tutoring, Pi Kappa Alpha
What I love most about Trinity: One of my favorite things about Trinity is being able to walk around campus and see so many familiar faces.  I feel it creates a strong sense of community.  Not to mention, the small school environment has also enhanced my academic experience.  I’ve been able to interact with all of my professors outside of class as well as find a research position that has been very rewarding.
Professional goals/ career plans: I hope to attend medical school in the coming years.

James (J.D.) Cescon

Montreal, QC, Canada
Class of 2016
High school attended: St. Mark’s School and Phillips Academy Andover (PG)
Major: Neuroscience
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because it has the small school feel, but also offers big school opportunities. Amongst New-England liberal arts colleges, Trinity is uniquely positioned thanks to its urban location. I was drawn in by the chance to participate in the Genomics Research Project; a unique first-year seminar, as well as by the fact that Trinity offered the perfect place for me to continue to participate in both my athletic and extracurricular activities while also pursuing academics at the highest level.
Favorite class(es) taken at Trinity: “Drugs and Behavior,” “Introduction to Law,” and “American Literature”
Favorite professor(s) at Trinity: Any of the Neuroscience faculty, Professor Dan Mrozowski, and Judge Smith
Extracurricular activities: Varsity Men’s Track and Field, Men’s Club Ice Hockey, Trinity College Honor Council, Admissions Tour Guide, Vice-President of the Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, Research at Connecticut Children’s Medical Center – Department of Neurosurgery, Volunteer at The Institute of Living – pediatric psychiatry ward
What I love most about Trinity: As a science major and pre-med student, I have loved having the opportunity to benefit from Trinity’s engaging professors and strong science curriculum. Furthermore, the chances to explore the world of medicine through the school’s longstanding relationships with Hartford Hospital, The Institute of Living, and Connecticut Children’s Medical Center (each just two blocks from the north-east end of campus) are unparalleled.
Professional goals/ career plans: After graduating from Trinity I hope to attend medical school.

Alex Deluse

Farmington, CT
Class of 2015
High school attended: Farmington High School
Major: English Literature
Minor: Music
Why I chose Trinity: Trinity was always my first choice. Growing up in the area, I was introduced to the campus at a young age and got to know the school even better when my sister (class of 2012) enrolled here.  The combination of her amazing experience and my desire to attend a small, liberal arts college only confirmed that I wanted to attend Trinity.
Favorite classes taken at Trinity: “World Cinema” and  “Comparative Politics of Northeast Asia”
Favorite professors at Trinity: Professor Prakash Younger, Professor Sarah Bilston, and Professor Reo Matsuzaki
Extracurricular activities: The Writing Associates Program; Fred Pfeil Community Project; Steel Pan Ensemble; Bantam Blogger
What I love most about Trinity: I love the close relationships fostered between professors and students on this campus. In many aspects of our lives, from the classroom, to athletics, and performances, our professors are there to support us. Professors truly are invested in getting to know their students on more than an academic level.
Professional goals/ career plans: My goal is to become a teacher and help develop students both academically and personally.

Walter Jongbloed

Madison, CT
Class of 2016

High school attended: Daniel Hand High School
Major: Biology
Minor: English
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of our inviting campus community. Our small school fosters great friendships and creates an environment unlike any other.  Trinity is only my home for four years, yet this school will always be my second home and my friends, my second family.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Genetics,” “Marine and Freshwater Botany”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Dr. Craig Schneider
Extracurricular activities: Biology Research Assistant, Health Fellow, Chapel Singers, The Trinity College Pipes (a capella group), BBB Biological Honors society, Club Tennis
What I love most about Trinity: The part of Trinity I love most is our faculty.  Surrounding oneself with successful, engaging, and passionate professors is the true formula for success. I have been exposed to a variety of professors, however, one prominent trait among these professors emerges: Trinity faculty love what they do.  To be taught a subject by a professor who lives and breathes the topic is truly an honor.  Individual professors have consistently shown a genuine interest in my goals both academically and personally. Learning from professors who attend my concerts, challenge me during academic presentations, and engage in productive conversations has personally bettered my life and my education.
Professional goals/ career plans: I will apply to medical school in the spring of my senior year in hopes of becoming a physician.

Consuelo Pedro
Piarco, Trinidad
Class of 2015
High school attended: St. Joseph’s Convent, St. Joseph
Why I chose Trinity: Being an island girl, I was looking for a small school with caring teachers and friendly students within small, personal classes. Trinity gave me that and had amazing support staff designated specifically to help international students. Trinity’s location was also perfect, as I would be able to take a direct flight home from JFK in New York, which was just a bus ride away. Also, Hartford offered the perfect balance of city internship and volunteering opportunities without being overwhelmingly bustling as other cities can be. Academically, it was important to be to be able to pursue science while taking courses in many other areas that excite and interest me. In addition Trinity offered me the opportunity to participate in science research with high profile science faculty as a first year student! When Trinity offered all this, it was a done deal!
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Neuroethics”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Dr. Phillip Brunquell
Extracurricular activities: Trinity College Chemical Society, Trinity College Caribbean Students’ Association (C.S.A) Co- Social Chair, Girl Scouts of Connecticut Mentor and Assistant, Praxis Community Service Organization, Head Makeup Artist and makeup artistry coordinator for Annual C.S.A Fashion Show, Honor Council Member, Volunteer Cognitive Remediation facilitator, Physical Therapy Clinic Volunteer
What I love most about Trinity: I love the fact that a new lasting friendship and academic collaboration is always only a hello away.  At Trinity my personal experiences have shown me that connections between people do not depend on common things shared, but compassion, and being able to risk the awkwardness of the first smile and hello. I love that every time I walk around campus there are limitless connections to be made, and so endless friends to meet and share memories with. The same goes for professors. I love that valuable mentoring relationships or collaborations are only a hello or email away. I have become the mentee and advisee of numerous professors within and beyond my science concentration. These two opportunities, the opportunity to form infinite friendships and the opportunity to become inspired by any professor irrespective of their field, are my favorite parts of Trinity.
Professional goals/ career plans: I hope to earn a Doctorate of Physical Therapy (DPT) or a doctorate in rehabilitative science and practice internationally.

Forrest Robinette

Knoxville, TN
Class of 2016

High school attended: The Webb School
Major: English
Why I chose Trinity: I fell in love with Trinity when I visited campus for the first time at the end of my junior year of high school. On that sunny day in April, I strolled down the Long Walk and saw students lying on blankets in the Quad, laughing with their friends. I also spoke to several professors, one of whom would later become my adviser, and I remember thinking that all of them exuded wisdom and graciousness. Finally, I sat in on two seminar classes and saw students engaged in heated debate about the day’s topic. From that day on, I knew where I wanted to spend my college career.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Melville”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Professor Sheila Fisher
Extracurricular activities: The Trinity Tripod, The Writing Associates Program, The Moveable Joints Improvisational Comedy Troupe, The Trinity College Honor Council
What I love most about Trinity: I love Trinity’s professors. I am consistently amazed by how much care they have for their students and by how much passion they have for their subjects.
Professional goals/career plans: I hope to become a high school English teacher.

Abbey Schlangen

Raymond, NH
Class of 2016

High school attended: Raymond High School
Major(s): Studio Arts; Psychology
Why I chose Trinity: Trinity simply felt like the right place. On my visit to campus, I was treated well, welcomed graciously, and felt like a part of a family. This encouraging environment was exactly what I was looking for.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Artists Books” and “Social Psychology”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Professor Elizabeth Casserly, Professor Pablo Delano, and Professor Joe Burn
Extracurricular activities: Varsity Track and Field, Creative Director of the Trinity Film Festival, Student Communications Team, Graphic Design intern for Trinity College’s Office of Public Relations and Communications, Psi Chi National Honor Society
What I love most about Trinity: I love that, at Trinity, I can experience both a sense of belonging and a sense of originality. As a campus, we are intellectually diverse, but also have this very special, unifying camaraderie.
Professional goals/ career plans: After graduating, I hope to work in public relations, graphic design, or advertising with a focus on photography and design for educational institutions.

Abigail Whalen

West Hartford, CT
Class of 2015


High school attended: Newington High School
Major: Biology, Pre-med track
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity because of the small class size and the ability to do research as a first year student in the Genomics Research Program. I was also drawn to the beautiful campus and its strong sense of community.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Animal Physiology”
Favorite professor at Trinity: It's a toss-up; I love all of the professors I've had at Trinity!
Extracurricular activities: First-year mentor (Genomics Research Program); Head tutor at Writing Center; Research Assistant; College bookstore employee; Supplementary Instructor for biology; President of American Medical Student Association (AMSA); President of Tri Beta Biology Honor Society; Biology club member
What I love most about Trinity: The small class size allows you to create great relationships with your professors. I can honestly walk down the hallway of many departments and feel comfortable stopping in any of the offices and having a conversation with the faculty. The relationships you can make with the faculty at Trinity are truly special and something unique to our school.
Professional goals/ career plans: I am applying for M.D./Ph.D. programs this summer and hope to become a physician scientist pursuing my love for both research and medicine.