Student Admissions Associates Summer 2016

Student Admissions Associates (SAA's) are a group of highly motivated seniors who are selected to represent the College. SAA's conduct interviews and group information sessions for prospective students and their families. We are very proud of our Student Admissions Associates and have used the space below to expand on their talents, interests, and involvement here at Trinity. Please feel free to browse through and read more about each of our SAA's.

Ariana (Ari) Adamski
Westfield, MA
Class of 2017
High school attended: Holyoke Catholic High School
Major: Neuroscience
Why I chose Trinity: I chose Trinity for the neuroscience program, research opportunities and location in an urban environment. As a transfer student, I knew all these things were important to me and I loved the idea of being on a beautiful campus while having all the professional and cultural benefits of being in a city.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: Tie between Latin American Novels and Health Fellows
Favorite professor at Trinity: Alta Lash
Extracurricular activities: WGRAC (Women & Gender Resource Action Center) member, Health Education Board member, yoga instructor, research in Professor Mesino’s lab, PHAB (Promoting Healthy Awareness of the Body) & AMSA (American Medical School Association) member, Zeta Eta Omega member and E-Board officer.
What I love most about Trinity: I love the sense of community on campus. You can always find a friendly face and especially among the science students, everyone is very collaborative. We build each other up both inside and outside the classroom.
Professional goals/career plans: After graduation, I plan on applying to medical school & starting my journey to become a doctor. ​

Nicholas Bellas

Old Lyme, CT

Class of 2016
High school attended: Lyme-Old Lyme High School
Major: Chemistry
Why I chose Trinity:  When I was deciding what college to attend, I knew I wanted a school with small class sizes, a strong pre-medicine track, and the freedom to pursue a variety of interests for a broad education.  Trinity offered all of this in addition to a beautiful campus and plenty of opportunities in Hartford.  Opportunities for things like hospital experience and volunteer positions such as tutoring made Trinity an easy choice.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Philosophy of Time”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Professor Timothy Curran
Extracurricular activities:  The Trinity College Pipes (a capella group), Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track and Field, Club Soccer, CTkids tutoring, Pi Kappa Alpha
What I love most about Trinity: One of my favorite things about Trinity is being able to walk around campus and see so many familiar faces.  I feel it creates a strong sense of community.  Not to mention, the small school environment has also enhanced my academic experience.  I’ve been able to interact with all of my professors outside of class as well as find a research position that has been very rewarding.
Professional goals/ career plans: I hope to attend medical school in the coming years.

Molly Belsky

Groton, MA
Class of 2016
High school attended: Groton School
Major: Theatre and Dance, Human Rights
Why I chose Trinity: I very seriously considered going to an acting conservatory, or at the very least a school that emphasized a strong arts program. However, I quickly realized that I enjoyed school and learning far too much to only focus on one area of study. Once I decided that I wanted a liberal arts education, Trinity seemed like the perfect fit. I have been able to take advantage of the small but extremely vibrant arts program here, through InterArts and the Trinity/La MaMa program among many other options and opportunities. I could not be happier to have chosen Trinity!
Favorite class taken at Trinity: Critical Views/Critical Values of Theatre
Favorite professor at Trinity: Benjamin Carbonetti
Extracurricular activities: Trinity College Quirks, Chapel Singers, Theatre productions, Fred Pfeil Community Project, Global Ambassador to the Trinity/La MaMa Program, Costume Assistant at Austin Arts, InterArts program alum and mentor
What I love most about Trinity: I love that I can spend the morning in a biology class, go to work at the study away office, go to the studio to direct a piece, have my own play rehearsal in the evening and then end the day with a Cappella. This school allows me to explore so many options and interests very easily, keeping me involved and engaged across a wide variety of disciplines.
Professional goals/ career plans: I hope to do a significant amount of non-profit work, specifically working with children in the arts. My ultimate dream is to provide theatrical opportunities for children who would not otherwise receive an artistic education.

Elizabeth (Lizzy) Foley
Mclean, VA
Class of 2017
High school attended: Georgetown Day School (GDS)
Major: Neuroscience
Why I chose Trinity: When choosing which school to attend for college, I realized that there are many liberal arts institutions with low student-to-faculty ratios and rigorous curriculums, but what sets Trinity apart is the caliber of our faculty, their passion and their emphasis of active engagement with the Hartford community.
Favorite class at Trinity: Anthropology and Global Health
Favorite professor at Trinity: Professors Holt, Curran and Masino
Extracurricular activities: VP of Nu Rho Psi, Trinity College Quirks, President of Active Minds, research w/ Professor Masino, Newman Club (Catholic organization) and TA for general chemistry.
What I love most about Trinity: I love the dynamic community that makes up Trinity College. In my experience, Trinity students and our community at large are interested not only in identifying ways to better the world, but setting these ideas in motion.
Professional goals/career plans: After graduating from Trinity, I hope to attend medical school.

Henry Minot

Fairfield, CT
Class of 2017
​High school attended: Fairfield Warde High School
Major: Classics & Music double major
Why I chose Trinity: The attention toward individual interests and the gorgeous campus.
Favorite class at Trinity: Ancient Greek
Favorite professor at Trinity: Gary Reger
Extracurricular activities: President of the Mill (student-run music house)
What I love most about Trinity: Trinity’s size allows many parts of the college to be accessible to all students.
Professional goals/career plans: After graduating, I plan to go into music directing in advertising.

Phil Oxnard

Acton, MA
Class of 2016

High school attended: Acton-Boxborough Regional High School
Major: Philosophy and Media & Performance (Self Design)
Why I chose Trinity: I was pretty lost in the college search process, all I knew that I wanted was a small liberal arts school on either coast. After touring a bunch of schools and being unimpressed with them, my tour at Trinity blew me away. The obvious sense of community present here drew me in, and the location halfway between Boston and New York meant that both home and adventure were just a short bus ride away. The complete beauty of the campus, as well as the presence of an on-campus movie theater, sealed the deal.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “Aristophanes”, “Horror & the Culture of Excess”, “Hume and the Limits of Reason”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Mitch Polin, Shane Ewegen, Prakash Younger
Extracurricular activities: Fred Pfeil Community Project, Cinestudio, Intramural sports
What I love most about Trinity: The friends I’ve made here, the tight nit community, and the amazing teaching staff. Truthfully I think I could list at least 10 more names as my favorite professors, which is something that I don’t think students at any other school could do. There’s something here for everyone, and at least a handful of fantastic professors to help guide you.
Professional goals/ career plans: To write or direct (or both) in Hollywood, using everything I’ve learned from philosophy to really keep people thinking and analyzing long after they’ve left the theater.

Molly Jane Thoms
Montpelier, VT
Class of 2017 
High school attended: U-32 Middle & High School
Why I chose Trinity: Back in high school, Trinity stood out to me because it seemed to be a place deeply committed to getting to know each individual student and to harness their unique perspectives, abilities, and interests over the course of four years. Coming from rural Vermont, I was also very interested in attending college in an urban environment, so Hartford was an important factor in my decision. However, once I arrived here I discovered endless reasons why I would keep choosing Trinity again and again that I never could have foreseen originally.
Favorite class at Trinity: Postcolonial Literature and Theory
Favorite Professor at Trinity: Ethan Rutherford, Kate Bergren and Tasmin Jones
Extracurricular activities: Trinity College Dance Company member, President of the Charleston House of Interfaith Cooperation, Writing Center head tutor, Trinity Reporter contributor, Trinity Tripod copy editor, member of the Bantam Network design and implementation committee, leader of the Campaign for Community’s Academic Environment group, First-Year-Seminar mentor for “God & Sex,” mentor for Venture Trinity, Cities Gatway Program participant and intern at the Hartford Magnet at Trinity College Academy.
What I love most about Trinity: I go to bed absolutely exhausted each day because I live in a community that inspires me to engage to the fullest degree possible in my academics, campus community and the rest of the world. In addition, Trinity’s size promotes close interactions between students, faculty and alumni, making it a comfortable place to flap your wings haphazardly a bit before spreading them out to fly in the real world.
Professional goals/career plans: I am interested in pursuing a career in publishing or communications where I can use my love of writing and editing every day to promote a company, organization or issue that fires me up and betters the world. 

Evan Turiano

New Canaan, CT
Class of 2016
High school attended: New Canaan High School
Major: American Studies
Minor: Legal Studies, African-American Studies
Why I chose Trinity: Trinity stuck out from the other Liberal Arts Colleges I visited in that the community felt very cohesive, especially between Professors and students. Other than that, everybody I met just seemed really nice, so I figured I couldn’t go wrong.
Favorite class taken at Trinity: “African-American History” and “Protest Movements in Modern America”
Favorite professor at Trinity: Professor Cheryl Greenberg and Professor Christina Heatherton
Extracurricular activities: Quest Program, Co-Founder of the Outdoors Club, The Writing Associates Program, WRTC, TREEhouse, Research Assistant in History Department
What I love most about Trinity: Easily the people I’ve met, both friends and Professors. Everyone feels close because we’re all part of this little Trinity family, but everyone is coming from different backgrounds so its stays interesting.
Professional goals/ career plans: I plan on pursuing a Ph.D. in American History or American Studies and hope to become a Professor.

​Kelly Vaughan

Bristol, CT
Class of 2017
High school attended: Bristol Eastern High School
Major: American Studies & English double major
Why I chose Trinity: I wasn’t entirely sure what I wanted to study in college, so I wanted to choose a school that would allow me to explore all my academic and extra-curricular interests, including: English, history, and the performing and visual arts. I wanted to be in an environment that would be academically rigorous but also allow me to be involved in the campus community outside of the classroom. Trinity has more than fulfilled all of my hopes for what my college experience would encompass!
Favorite class at Trinity: Conflicts and Cultures in American Society; The Civil War and Reconstruction
Favorite professor at Trinity: Ethan Rutherford, Dan Mrozowski
Extracurricular activities: Features Editor for the Trinity Tripod, barista at Peter B’s Espresso, campus correspondent for Her Campus Trinity and TA for the American Studies Department.
What I love most about Trinity: I think one of the things that students can agree upon is that the faculty make the academic experience at Trinity so rewarding. They have helped me grow intellectually and shared invaluable resources and opportunities to enhance my liberal arts education on and off campus. Additionally, the traditions and history of Trinity create an extremely special, unifying bond among alumni, current students, faculty and families. As first years, we walked underneath the elms during Convocation and began to feel that we were part of Trinity’s camaraderie. Furthermore, the interests students carry and our unique backgrounds are what makes our community so unique and vibrant.
Professional goals/career plans: Although I have yet to settle on one definitive path, I am interested in entering the publishing or journalism industries.